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  • Now who thought the thumbnail was a pair of hairy balls?

    Era AionEra Aion14 timer siden
  • He’s definitely a 1950’s serial killer.

    Gabriel DavisGabriel Davis14 timer siden
  • Other life forms exist. Not gonna say alien because some are probably reading this comment and find the word racist

    Fonzy AksinFonzy Aksin14 timer siden
  • Ohhh of course his name is Victor

    Zander_ WestZander_ West14 timer siden
  • Make way for the bull dozer

    La Naranja PodridaLa Naranja Podrida14 timer siden
  • Sorry, no conspiracy theory: Popper was Austrian NOT German

    Michael KollerMichael Koller14 timer siden
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    David KangDavid Kang14 timer siden
  • Lao Gan Ma

    Chopsticks GamingChopsticks Gaming14 timer siden
  • His vocab is so wide and beautiful that I almost can't comprehend it 😂

    czerolihczerolih14 timer siden
  • These chords at the end with herbie remind me of Duke Ellington’s the single pedal of a rose.

    Thomas FaraoneThomas Faraone14 timer siden
  • It's always fun and games, when the Tolkien doctor shares his wisdom. Awesome video!

    KwelnenerKwelnener14 timer siden
  • F this dude he tells u to do somthing and he does somthing completely different

    Ryan ConnellyRyan Connelly15 timer siden
  • This was awesome! I really learned new things about dimensions that I didn’t know before. This series is so great!

    serafina_23serafina_2315 timer siden
  • 13:31 me at 2AM in my bed

    Reuben FuchsReuben Fuchs15 timer siden
  • Dje ste ljudiiii

    pianpian15 timer siden
  • Nobody says latinx

    Max MatthewsMax Matthews15 timer siden
  • wdym Kihyun is a scorpio?-

    kihyunxsmilekihyunxsmile15 timer siden
  • i love daisy and domhnall’s friendship

    Naomi Kerry DavidsonNaomi Kerry Davidson15 timer siden
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    Kristina JamesKristina James15 timer siden
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    Brendan SchwartzBrendan Schwartz15 timer siden
  • "what is niall horan blood type?" niall: no idea directioners: we know niall

  • The fifth is the best!!!! (I'm a total Luna fan!!)

    MoriahElizabethFans🌈MoriahElizabethFans🌈15 timer siden
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    Pearson TranPearson Tran15 timer siden
  • What I’m worried about, is not getting a great guy like him to embalm me lol. This is so interesting and I love the humor in it 😂

    Andrea VAndrea V15 timer siden
  • I love that the french word for butterfly was mention by Karen is Liv and Maddie about a lullaby or something

    MoriahElizabethFans🌈MoriahElizabethFans🌈15 timer siden
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    Lynda LeeLynda Lee15 timer siden
  • this is my ultimate comfort video

    Naomi Kerry DavidsonNaomi Kerry Davidson15 timer siden
  • okay this is just completely WEIRD

    sandi ssandi s15 timer siden
  • Weird magazine

    Kamran HussainKamran Hussain15 timer siden
  • Mace!? Mace Windu!? Old friend! It is very good to see you!

    Obi-Wan KenobiObi-Wan Kenobi15 timer siden
  • Nobody says latinx.

    Max MatthewsMax Matthews15 timer siden
  • And Crouser just did 23.37m Bravo

    Charles ThorndikeCharles Thorndike15 timer siden
  • When you talk about SKATEBOARD, first thing comes in my mind is the name TONY HAWK 🛹🛹🛹

    Ricky CamporazoRicky Camporazo15 timer siden
  • Why talk to the police, just don’t say nothing.

    dariel graydariel gray15 timer siden
  • Have you heared of quantum entanglement? Red dwarf fans

    Matthew EtheridgeMatthew Etheridge15 timer siden
  • Zack Snyder should write comics of his Snyderverse .

    Meta KnightMeta Knight15 timer siden
  • Wolf gang Puck is the strict teacher you had in highschool but the only one that made you interested in class and actually learned something

    JellymanJellyman15 timer siden
  • 5:20 you can not tell the shape. Because the camera is not focused. Big scam

    JoeJoe15 timer siden
  • I listen to podcasts when I run.

    Bruce WayneBruce Wayne15 timer siden
  • 03:40 aircraft are not speed up. The camera lost focus.

    JoeJoe15 timer siden
  • WOW!

    Parker DennisParker Dennis15 timer siden
  • Gross.

    Leanne McFaulLeanne McFaul15 timer siden
  • Wait, the dragons are sentient like the other races. Earlier it was stressed that big daddy God is the only one who can infuse true life to whatever the Valar made, such as the case of dwarves. So what gives? How'd Satan-lite make the dragon species?

    A DuckA Duck15 timer siden
  • I like the coffee mug Pope Benedict

    Daniel MalloryDaniel Mallory15 timer siden
  • Will you remove my ribs so I won't look fat?

    VeronikaVeronika15 timer siden
  • Respectfully disagree with the answer to the last question! When you add a singer, of course, the human voice will feel different on different keys/registers. However, if timber more or less stays the same, to me it's the same generally speaking. Like, move half a tone up or down on a piano. Doesn't matter. People with relative pitch cannot even tell where they are until they get a reference.

    Xavier NoriaXavier Noria15 timer siden
  • We actually can tho. Unlike our brains, we actually use around 10% of our muscle strength. So in theory we can lift things several times our weight just once because it would make your bones shatter and rip the muscle off the bones

    ayin aguilarayin aguilar15 timer siden
  • 5 levels of understanding how dumb my mind is

    Sujal MagarSujal Magar15 timer siden
  • 9:35 "this is the band I'm in, was in🙂💔

    Edit with sanduEdit with sandu15 timer siden
  • I thought this was mark kelly

    Otx DrakkoOtx Drakko15 timer siden
  • Oh it wasn't why do u worship satan?

    MindoknowsMindoknows15 timer siden
  • So pleased to be reminded of Tallulah. "No one's gonna treat you finer..."

    energy Eenergy E15 timer siden
  • put more bras on than he's taken off... i can fix that 😅

    Sky GrowSky Grow15 timer siden
  • its because they dont want to anger potential penny clickers on youtube?

    Christopher LuthChristopher Luth15 timer siden
  • How do you sleep at night man

    Daily Dose of RipsDaily Dose of Rips15 timer siden
  • Dude on them prescriptions

    Charlie FCharlie F15 timer siden
  • Would punching your own shins (not too hard of course.) make them stronger over time or is that being stupid?

    Dante Nephi VergilDante Nephi Vergil15 timer siden
  • nocds.info/border/video/e91wgrOdeKGJmZQcheck out this video. there are as many stars as there are sandcorn on earth. as we know, there are planets orbiting around each star. What if another civilization in space graced man's current technological stage 1000 years ago? 100,000 years ago or hundreds of millions of years ago. how far ahead of us could they be? :) just look at what man has invented in little 100 years.

    Andreas FredriksonAndreas Fredrikson15 timer siden
  • Me thinking ik pretty smart because Fz = m * a, her: Im gonna end this man’s whole career

    1NilusNilus1NilusNilus15 timer siden
  • I never knew she was British Imao shocking

    adhimadhim15 timer siden
  • 😂😂😂😂 i love them so much ♥️

    Rintan RinRintan Rin15 timer siden
  • idk why but im seeing them as steve and dustin instead of joe and gaten :)

    PietrOPietrO15 timer siden
  • I love food, I eat every day. I think I would literally die if I never ate again...

    MagicNoseGoblinMagicNoseGoblin16 timer siden
  • The Swedish chef singing was on point

    Emily ChaseEmily Chase16 timer siden
  • Brontosaurus reminds me of how Pluto keeps losing and regaining its Planet to Dwarf Planet status

    Natural86Natural8616 timer siden
  • Nxt Rick Harrison 😁

    Naval KrishnaNaval Krishna16 timer siden
  • i thought that the temp change was a myth, they have no effect in the immune system with temp change

    Jacob dockterJacob dockter16 timer siden
  • You are the best girl group i love you more than anything. Good luck to you. My sweet Unnies

    💖TwiceAngels🧡Forever 2Yeon💖💖TwiceAngels🧡Forever 2Yeon💖16 timer siden
  • I love his outfit and hair. It looks old school

    Hot SauceHot Sauce16 timer siden
  • The juice is pressed but ya boy is NOT!! Morris Say it with ya Chestnut

    theSuper viLLain_est1990theSuper viLLain_est199016 timer siden
  • What are Capricorns ? I only know Paprika.

    Vanessa BaderVanessa Bader16 timer siden
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    Nhttm OlmanNhttm Olman16 timer siden
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    Leon SkiLeon Ski16 timer siden
  • The honest answer is “Nothing you did in Destiny 1 will matter in Destiny 2. And frankly, nothing you do in Destiny 2 will matter when we change seasons. So, nothing you do matters.”

    Benjamin I Meszaros (Ben Meszaros)Benjamin I Meszaros (Ben Meszaros)16 timer siden
  • 영어하는 멤버가 없어서 아쉽다ㅠ

    에아에오에아에오16 timer siden
  • Other countries can access that with strict laws and make them

    Nathan PriceNathan Price16 timer siden
  • Ever try the embalming fluid for a light up ? Ever found a corpse to look hot ?

    Journey awaitsJourney awaits16 timer siden
  • “Huh”.

    CarlozNCarlozN16 timer siden