Bar Owner Builds an Alarm That Stops You From Forgetting Your Credit Card | Hack Job | WIRED

Do you know what the most frustrating part about owning a bar is? When customers leave, but forget their credit card at the bar! What if we could stop that from ever happening? Mark Kleeb, bar owner and creative technologist based in Brooklyn, has been challenged to solve this dilemma in one week.

Find out more about Mark's arcade/bar at

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Bar Owner Builds an Alarm That Stops You From Forgetting Your Credit Card | Hack Job | WIRED




  • Hey all, thanks for watching! This was a fun project and I'd be glad to talk about any aspect of it

    Mark KleebMark Kleeb17 dager siden
    • Just change the alarm sound. It doesn't necessarily have to be that sound. Maybe make it say "Don't forget your tab!" With some adjustments this could be a great long term thing to have installed.

      Haroer HaktakHaroer HaktakDag siden
    • Would be so kind as to post links to the electronics you used so one could duplicate your awesome project. Thank you

      Shane BekkerShane Bekker16 dager siden
    • You’re a legend 🔥👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

      Kyle J. RhinesKyle J. Rhines16 dager siden
    • Thanks Mark, very clear explanation of concepts without getting too far into the weeds. I definitely appreciate you taking the time to show things that worked and didn't as well as explaining why. A possible elegant solution for the exchange token would be something that benefits the user in both scenarios. For example, give them a discount if they return the token (kinda like those quarter-fed shopping carts). It could be in the form of a durable business card that displays a message "looks like you left your card, return back tomorrow and get a discount off your next tab."

      Demetrio WSDemetrio WS16 dager siden
    • Is there a reason you tried GPS at all to begin with? This feels like a story device since I wouldn't expect someone with your expertise would think a GPS solution indoors would be a good idea. Even if it did, you wouldn't have enough location resolution to pin point if they are at the door vs if they are at the table 5-10 ft away. Lots of false positives, and probably also late positives when a customer leaves before the GPS location updates and transmits the new location to the system.

      Gavers23Gavers2316 dager siden
  • In Denmark we have wireless payment on our credit cards since more than 5 years ago... No need to deliver the card to anyone🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    Julie NardelliJulie Nardelli10 timer siden
  • Why would anyone leave their credit card to a bar to begin with?? America is so weird. You give out your credit card info over the phone, let strangers drive your car at valet...

    Daniel XDaniel X12 timer siden
  • After. Alot recommendation I tried *Flashcardin* on telegram hes very legit and trust worthy ,😉

    David MarkDavid Mark4 dager siden
  • an even simpler solution, have "tab cards" made with the bars name and address on it that the customer can put in place of their card and will know exactly where it is if they forget

    jtarmyman4jtarmyman45 dager siden
  • Stop thinking of how to fix stupid and start things of how to remove it as a factor. Many bars of registers that can temporarily hold the card info after entering once. So no need to keep that cards.

    Brandon McCrimmonBrandon McCrimmon6 dager siden
  • That's awesome

    Roberto HernandezRoberto Hernandez6 dager siden
  • Great idea. BTW... Does your arcade have Polybius?

    justlookin59justlookin5911 dager siden
    • 🤫

      Mark KleebMark Kleeb11 dager siden
  • Please shout more.

    SeanSean12 dager siden
  • Great 👍

    Phuoc Nguyen 777Phuoc Nguyen 77713 dager siden
  • I would of replaced the alarm sound with TTS or sample audio voice telling them they need to close their tab.

    AlkarisAlkaris13 dager siden
  • If you're giving them ridiculous bracelets to wear, wouldn't that be enough to serve as a reminder that they are forgetting something? If they want to leave the card on purpose, they will remove the bracelet. And if you do a bracelet that can only be removed when they close the tab (lol, overkill i know) then you might risk not getting any more returning customers.

    linkcelllinkcell14 dager siden
  • Well done, regular human bartender Jackie Daytona

    Edward FraleyEdward Fraley14 dager siden
  • I dont get it how closing your tab is connected to forgetting your credit card?

    JoeJoe14 dager siden
  • Elegant but would introduce more issues than it will solve. So, for me, not worth it. Peace.

    MrKockabillyMrKockabilly14 dager siden
  • 2:49 Gasps in coder.

    Soumitraa KlpSoumitraa Klp14 dager siden
  • When is BTS doing a WIRED Autocomplete interview? (O.O)

    Pink CatPink Cat15 dager siden
  • so cool

    Computer LunchComputer Lunch15 dager siden
  • Jesus loves you, he died on the cross for you. His death and ressurection saves you alone. Once you believe you are a citizen of heaven.

    Brea RegansBrea Regans15 dager siden
  • Pls Amanda seyfried doing the wired interview pls

    Smirah BanuSmirah Banu15 dager siden
  • In the Netherlands we already have something like this. If you leave your card in the terminal it beeps like crazy.

    Willem BekhuisWillem Bekhuis15 dager siden
  • every bar I go to scans your card when you open your tab and gives it back to you... and I live in a podunk shithole town...

    strangulator42strangulator4216 dager siden
  • Glad you liked the mod So far!! I Did those 2 last cutscenes If you're wondering lol You need to beat the song on Hard mode to unlock smth :)

    OG HomieOG Homie16 dager siden
  • Why would you give your credit card to the bartender? This makes zero sense to me. Seems like he is going just over the simplest solution. Not taking a credit card.

    Adrián Hernández ObradorsAdrián Hernández Obradors16 dager siden
  • Wouldn't that alarm voice will disturb other costumers

    Rayyan NadeemRayyan Nadeem16 dager siden
  • This is the equivalent of using a flamethrower to light up a candle, I love it

    jillian menichettijillian menichetti16 dager siden
  • WOW. You are sooo smart

    Child of GodChild of God16 dager siden
  • Sorry to be a bit dim here, but why do people leave their cards at the bar? I would imagine this voids the terms of the card, as you’re not supposed to give them to a third party. I’ve never seen this done here in Europe. Cheers.

    Jonathan IronsJonathan Irons16 dager siden
    • @MickTheAnt Thanks! I didn't know that. Sounds like a lot of admin ;-) But I live and learn! Cheers.

      Jonathan IronsJonathan Irons15 dager siden
    • @Jonathan Irons This is the norm for basically every bar in NYC. You give the bartender your card and they hold onto it for the night, and every time you order a drink, you just tell them your name. You could technically just pay for your drinks one at a time, but that means every time you order a drink, you'll hand over your card, they'll swipe it, give you a receipt, and you'll have to sign it and add tip. By creating a tab, you only have to do that once at the end of the night. It saves everyone's time, which is especially important in crowded bars.

      MickTheAntMickTheAnt16 dager siden
    • I mean, I get this was a tech project, and I like that, but surely there's a totally simple analogue solution to this perceived problem.

      Jonathan IronsJonathan Irons16 dager siden
    • @rifenbug Thanks. But I still don't get why they don't just pay for their drinks. I've genuinely never encountered this, even on US trips. Is it normal in NYC to open a tab?

      Jonathan IronsJonathan Irons16 dager siden
    • @rifenbug meanwhile the credit card company won’t pay any damages, when you give your card away willingly to a bar tender you don’t know.. it’s such a stupid system..

      Mat SMat S16 dager siden
  • This is super cool, but they should just make taking apple pay mandatory

    David RamirezDavid Ramirez16 dager siden
    • Actually by law you can't limit the payment methods in a business. We have to accept all forms of payment. Though Apple Pay certainly makes things easier!

      Mark KleebMark Kleeb16 dager siden

    Arishfa Jannat 12Arishfa Jannat 1217 dager siden
  • How is this possible? 0:12😬

    Nik Lawrence Results9Nik Lawrence Results917 dager siden
  • I dont trust even the bank to keep my credit cart for any reason.... how they trust a bar?

    TotozioTotozio17 dager siden
  • As a computer engineering undergrad, rly rly love this series!!

    Nigel TanNigel Tan17 dager siden
  • One thing i dont get, how are you going to get this on the customer, and what if they didnt forget the card? They're going to set off the alarm anyways?

    Sayre JosephSayre Joseph17 dager siden
    • @Yt csabidealer cutting the bracelet off would ruin it, costing money. A smart design would be to make it clip off or whatever so you don't need to buy/make new ones every night and have hundreds. As for this, I would assume that when you give the credit card, he gives the bracelet, and when you want your card back he takes the bracelet back.

      Haroer HaktakHaroer HaktakDag siden
    • When you give him your card he trades you the bracelet and when you get your card back you either take it off your self or he cuts it off. (I guess)

      Yt csabidealerYt csabidealer15 dager siden
  • Completely impractical idea and poor execution. It’s a ‘cute’ idea however, we already have low-tech solutions for such problems and also with new technology and electronic payments/pre authorisation; this is never a problem anymore.

    CooperCooper17 dager siden
  • Wait, would you take the wrist band back once they get their credit or debit card back? Or will it sent the card to

    George Michael Robert LucasGeorge Michael Robert Lucas17 dager siden
  • The way he holds his pen is driving me nuts

    Andrew TertochaAndrew Tertocha17 dager siden
  • cool, i love stuff like this. Though the evaluation between GPS, bluetooth, and RFID was like evaluating a sedan, minivan, or pickup truck to haul a load of dirt. It's kind of obvious if you know what they are, without even experimenting.

    Ion YmousIon Ymous17 dager siden
    • I understand this. But I imagine there are some 16 year olds who would be watching this vid and learning along the way.

      Rodney ChitateRodney Chitate14 dager siden
  • 👏🏾

    Varghese ChackoVarghese Chacko17 dager siden
  • Or just add a noticeable sign at the exit door...

    MarshalMarshal17 dager siden
    • In my experience. people are stupid. Very stupid. (I'm not saying I haven't been stupid myself here..). People tend to ignore these things.

      Haroer HaktakHaroer HaktakDag siden
  • Why talk about the growth of BTC if there is NFT and the RJV12 algorithm

    SÜPER TRSÜPER TR17 dager siden
  • wasn't just having a huge sign on the door just sufficient to get people to close their tab? You know, without all the coding and tracking...

    Giovanni BastianelloGiovanni Bastianello17 dager siden
    • You think customers read signs?

      DeathnoteBBDeathnoteBB16 dager siden
  • just google RJV12 algorithm and don't worry

    Furkan OzturkFurkan Ozturk17 dager siden
  • RJV12 bring me 300% profit because of Tesla pump

    Efe CancaşofEfe Cancaşof17 dager siden
  • Guys, you are tired, before doing reviews, you first read about RJV12 algorithm

    Çetin ÖktemÇetin Öktem17 dager siden
  • RJV12 algorithm is my choice, i dont worry about BTC rates at all

    Oyuncu TunahanOyuncu Tunahan17 dager siden
  • Yes Yes! Read everything, and then say that you did not know RJV12 algorithm!

    Karanlık sırlarKaranlık sırlar17 dager siden
  • Guys! Just google: RJV12 algorithm”! You will go nuts!

    Emrah ÖzdemirEmrah Özdemir17 dager siden
  • Why worry about cryptocurrency quotes if there is RJV12 algorithm?

    dtMEHMETdtMEHMET17 dager siden
  • I clicked on a video about Honda cars. Why is he talking about location tracking?

    dark matterdark matter17 dager siden
  • 😎

    Linda KlannLinda Klann17 dager siden
  • If they are giving you a credit card for a drink, bill them right then and then everytime you give them drink. Just make a faster way to process billing. It would be a lot easier and cheaper for you in the long run. Or when they walk in, start a tab, take a $100 payment, when they leave give a refund for the difference. Technology is fun but not the answer to every money losing problem. Besides now you paid for all this hardware. Better yet use it to make unique to your business games for the customers. As I've found in the security business they will just leave the RFID under a seat cushion so nothing senses their leaving.

    Curt BarnesCurt Barnes17 dager siden
    • I’ll never get this about the US.. Instead of just changing stupid customs, they just invent new thing to make them more complicated

      Mat SMat S16 dager siden
  • I’m sorry. I don’t have 18 minutes to watch this.

    Baker ActedBaker Acted17 dager siden
  • 8:55 It would read on a logarithmic scale because decibels are a logarithmic unit, not a linear one. Doubling the decibel value increases amplitude by a factor of 10.

    nja122890nja12289017 dager siden
    • By twenty. The power of the sound is increased by ten.

      Marek HolubMarek Holub17 dager siden

    Sandy VanpersonSandy Vanperson17 dager siden
  • The bar should immediately give it back after scanning it into the computer. Akbar in Los Angeles does this and it’s great!

    Michael WeaverMichael Weaver17 dager siden
    • It totally is an American problem.. my German credit card company even strongly suggests to NEVER give your card to someone else... nowhere else they just keep your CC when you open a tab

      Mat SMat S16 dager siden
    • Must be a US thing. In Canada I've always run up a tab and pay when I leave. Never heard of giving a card to a bar tender.

      Ray PerkinsRay Perkins16 dager siden
  • When you take a customer's credit card, slip it into a paper envelope on which the patron has written down their name and address. Problem solved.

    Joseph McGolrickJoseph McGolrick17 dager siden
  • I thought that's what iTags did?

    Alan Mott-SmithAlan Mott-Smith17 dager siden
  • What if somebody brings an amiibo in the bar

    superrubik wilsuperrubik wil17 dager siden
    • It's all hypothetical because he didn't actually deploy it IRL anyway

      BangDroidBangDroid15 dager siden
    • What if you're an alien? What if they pay with magic? Think how feasible the question is.

      Yne CöYne Cö17 dager siden
  • I think that at least keeping the sign there would still be an idea, and maybe just making it a less shoplifting like alarm would also help

    Marie the Dice DragonMarie the Dice Dragon17 dager siden
    • We're going to keep the sign at the bar, so hopefully it will help! But yeah that alarm is a bit too much 😳

      Mark KleebMark Kleeb17 dager siden
  • This doesn't need location tracking, just a one-time password to exit the main door. They pay you tell them an exit code.

    retepaskabretepaskab17 dager siden
    • The Great White wants to know your location!

      Mat SMat S16 dager siden
    • I’ve always wanted to burn to death in a bar fire

      global homoglobal homo17 dager siden
  • Or just make an app that opens a tab at that bar, and never touch the actual card.

    I'm right you're wrongI'm right you're wrong17 dager siden
    • @I'm right you're wrong you’re onto something

      Abel BuenoAbel Bueno5 dager siden
    • @J Man That guy acts like he's crazy. I'll bet you he's a real treat to live with 😣

      realcanadiangirl64realcanadiangirl645 dager siden
    • @I'm right you're wrong lmao, why you being rude when I wasn’t even rude to you? Also, I’m just stating my own opinion on how an app is not the best answer for this situation. Not really sure why people need permission to talk in a public chat room either

      J ManJ Man9 dager siden
    • @J Man Oh yeah, AND you sound like a fool, cause no one asked you.

      I'm right you're wrongI'm right you're wrong10 dager siden
    • @J Man Or YOU could have nothing to do with it. The fact that you can show problems, means they could be worked out. But if you just want to sit around and think of what could go wrong, then don't involve yourself.

      I'm right you're wrongI'm right you're wrong10 dager siden
  • Fantastic Idea. You could have made it more human-friendly by having the sign read "You Forgot Your Card at the Bar" and the irritating alarm sound should be a nice female voice (maybe with an Aussie Accent) that says the same.

    Todd FersonTodd Ferson17 dager siden
    • @BangDroid I stand corrected :)

      Todd FersonTodd Ferson15 dager siden
    • *Aussie

      BangDroidBangDroid15 dager siden
  • since when i subscribed to this channel :// it suddenly appeared on my subscriptions...

    martimarti17 dager siden
  • ❤❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍

    Carry Minati GamingCarry Minati Gaming17 dager siden
  • perfect exsample of overengenering

    Zoran RedicZoran Redic17 dager siden
  • Low-key annoyed because they didn’t even use it

    Michael SasserMichael Sasser17 dager siden
  • UWB...

    NicodemPLNicodemPL17 dager siden
  • Non-Murikan here. What does the video mean by "forget your credit card"? One is supposed to leave their credit cards with the bar, if you open a tab?

    Pablo A.Pablo A.17 dager siden
    • @Mat S Lived in the UK for 40+ years mate. It's very common. More often outside tourist spots (as in, the landlord wouldn't allow a tab for a foreign visitor), more often for food orders too, even more often in smaller non-franchise establishments.

      abhigejfabhigejf16 dager siden
    • @abhigejf been to the UK 15 times.. not once have I left my CC with the bar tender when i opened a tab..

      Mat SMat S16 dager siden
    • @Pablo A. It's common in the UK. The way you phrased it made it sound like non-Americans would not have the same set up. I was saying that it's not just an American thing... it's all over.

      abhigejfabhigejf16 dager siden
    • @abhigejf, it's not common in the US, you mean? Or it's common where you are located as well?

      Pablo A.Pablo A.17 dager siden
    • Yes. Not an 'American thing' either.

      abhigejfabhigejf17 dager siden
  • Awesome. Fantastic 💡. Hope to visit there for some arcade fun.

    JeffJeff17 dager siden
  • A gas station in Nevada was one of the last pump-then-pays in the country. While I was there, they called the police on someone who'd driven off without paying. I said, "Probably just forgot, because most stations are pay-then-pump." Cashier rolled his eyes, "We have to call the police four or five times a day on idiots who *forget* to pay." I said, "So why don't you just have people pay-then-pump like most stations?" He says smugly, "Cuz the manager doesn't want to, and people should pay attention to what they're doing not go on autopilot." So 4-5 times a day, police have to chase people down for these clowns, and people on long highway trips have to turn around immediately and go back several miles? You know what amazing solution someone thought of to this problem? The police stopped responding to the station's stolen gas calls. Within a month the idiots switched to pay-then-pump.

    JBTechConJBTechCon17 dager siden
    • In all of Spain you pump and then pay and no one is so stupid to leave without paying.

      Adrián Hernández ObradorsAdrián Hernández Obradors16 dager siden
    • Pump-and-pays shouldn't be self service. You either stay full old school or adopt, not the mishmash of both.

      Yne CöYne Cö17 dager siden
    • @Koen in Argentina all are pump-then-pay, I had no clue the opposite existed

      NicoNico17 dager siden
    • Still amazes me that we still have this in Europe (pay afterwards)

      KoenKoen17 dager siden
    • @Jerry's Stories agreed ✍🏻

      Love WhiteyLove Whitey17 dager siden
  • Dissapointed you didn't use the MGS alert sound for the alarm...

    AstroBugleAstroBugle17 dager siden
  • This is so over thought. Set up the same security stores have had for years. Then trade the person the thing that triggers the sensor at the door for their CC

    WindexWindex17 dager siden
    • MickTheAnt - yeah he probably saw my comment in the middle of making the video

      WindexWindex17 dager siden
    • um... what you are describing is exactly what he did... except he also added a sign.

      MickTheAntMickTheAnt17 dager siden
    • Put the car keys 🔑 with there card and if there drunk call ☎️ Uber.... Trifecta

      Love WhiteyLove Whitey17 dager siden
  • Why do peeps forget?!

    Marty DMarty D17 dager siden
    • Drinking and Women will make u forget everything

      Love WhiteyLove Whitey17 dager siden
    • They've been drinking.

      Radical AnsRadical Ans17 dager siden
  • Why not just put the shoplifting tags on them?

    karebu2karebu217 dager siden
    • Thats what he used

      Kyra TKyra T17 dager siden
  • I can't believe that people in the US leave their credit card with random strangers when they go drinking. No wonder identity theft and credit card fraud is a thing.

    Maxx BMaxx B17 dager siden
    • @PinkPearMartini one pre-authorised transaction. When I go to the petrol station, I use my card in the machine, it pre-authorises £100. Then I fill up £40 and that’s what I’m charged. Pre-Auth the card, charge at the end of the day. Customer keeps his card, business gets paid.

      Robert B.Robert B.16 dager siden
    • We also get into cars 🚗 with strangers and pay them 😳

      Love WhiteyLove Whitey17 dager siden
    • It's because each transaction costs the business about .35 cents plus 2% of the total. If you make 6 trips to the bar for 6 different $2 beers, $0.47 of each beer purchase would go to the credit card company unless they left your tab open... so they can do one $12 transaction when the customer is ready to leave. And our card info actually gets stolen other ways. Your card is actually safer with a bartender than simply using your card to pay for an automatic outdoor carwash.

      PinkPearMartiniPinkPearMartini17 dager siden
  • Wonderville rules!

    EGrubsEGrubs17 dager siden
  • Did you just deleted my comment? hmmm So I ask again, do you Americans have to hand in your credit cards in the bar when you walk in? This is a very NOT stupid culture

    revolutrevolut17 dager siden
  • Not a great solution :/ Who wants to sit in a bar with an alarm going off every so often. Why not just use a preauthorised payment like hotels do. Then if they leave their card and walk out, you can still charge them and it's on them to come back for the card.

    Simon SSimon S17 dager siden
    • Just use contactless payment

      global homoglobal homo17 dager siden
  • I dont understand any techincal term but it looks interesting Nice job

    SenuaSenua17 dager siden
  • This is quite an effort

    Hadrien LacknerHadrien Lackner17 dager siden
  • Interesting. I don't even drink yet this is neat.

    Benobot99Benobot9917 dager siden
  • Who the F forgets their credit card after paying??? I need to know this.

    kulik03kulik0317 dager siden
    • @Kyra T I see, thanks for the explanation

      kulik03kulik0317 dager siden
    • Many many people

      Love WhiteyLove Whitey17 dager siden
    • Forgot the CC, the phone, to pay, smokes, gf, keys.. just about everything

      WindexWindex17 dager siden
    • When you open a tab at these bars you leave your card with the bartender and then dont have to have a transaction for every drink, you have to come back at the end to pay and get your card back

      Kyra TKyra T17 dager siden
    • Drunk people.

      Radical AnsRadical Ans17 dager siden
  • This antenna costs a lot I think, but the rfid tag is very cheap

    DaveDave17 dager siden
    • @Kevin d u need to print a 3D box with the tag inside

      DaveDave17 dager siden
    • For me as long as it goes on my metal or heavily resistant cards this would be a good investment, since those cards are an investment onto itself. But put that onto one of the basic plastic ones who can’t hold a chip bar for more then a few months, it would not be worth the investment if the card itself will crap out

      Kevin dKevin d17 dager siden
  • I would make the wristband send a text to their phone if they leave

    crashoverride93637crashoverride9363717 dager siden
  • Dont think I didn't see the flag at 0:54

    Atomix AAtomix A17 dager siden
  • Awesome! I love the amount of creativity and effort he put into this!

    Valen AsanoValen Asano17 dager siden
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