Bug Expert Explains Why Cicadas Are So Loud | WIRED

Why are cicadas so freakin' loud? Entomologist Samuel Ramsey has the answers. Dr. Sammy explains why it's so important for cicadas to gather in large groups and make lots of noise.

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Bug Expert Explains Why Cicadas Are So Loud | WIRED




  • i need to meet this human i love them i need to be their friend pls let them teach me about insects

    bugbugDag siden
  • This guy should be a regular or something. I wouldn't mind learning about insects under his instruction.

    Brute ChieftainBrute ChieftainDag siden
  • Scientists making anything now

    Delarrio PerkinsDelarrio PerkinsDag siden
  • Get that lasagna off yo head

    Maddman27Maddman272 dager siden
  • That is a wonderful presentation...all music to my ears :).

    Jay ThakarJay Thakar3 dager siden
  • This man needs his own show ASAP

    Eyes of WarEyes of War3 dager siden
  • Dr bugs

    nails thatstuntnails thatstunt4 dager siden
  • I’m naming Sammy’s bouffant “Richard” or “Jasmine” …no it’s giving “Reggie”…Very much a “Reggie”

    DJ 1206DJ 12064 dager siden
  • These bugs are the sound of summer and freedom

    TornTorn4 dager siden
  • Awesome video...learned a lot. Thanks! ~ Althea

    JamesOrAlthea CatlettJamesOrAlthea Catlett5 dager siden
  • It's afternoon in the Philippines, and I'm watching this while hearing the sound of the cicadas outside ‹•.•›

    Be HappyBe Happy5 dager siden
  • I’ve never knew I could love cicadas more until I saw this video. And his song at the end. I love this guy!

    missvidabommissvidabom6 dager siden
  • Love it!!

    sherry cordarosherry cordaro6 dager siden
  • we just found one of these for the first time and it really fascinated us! what a beautiful creature

    Paulo GaviolaPaulo Gaviola6 dager siden
  • The graphics were not very helpful in describing the mechanics of how they make all that racket. I do like this guy's energy tho

    Jacob AnteauJacob Anteau7 dager siden
  • When You're Good; You're Good! And, our Entomologist Samuel Ramsey is That Good; so inspiring that I actually listened and watched his entire production of Cicadas! It is a tremendously great learning experience!

    Harold BurlesonHarold Burleson7 dager siden
  • I'm watching this as Cicadas are covering my car.

    caity bearcaity bear7 dager siden
  • Just think if human guys buzzed as we went into "heat"! These insects are jewelry-like in their coloration...those red-orange eyes are very unique...reminds me of those of the red-eyed tree frog. Frogs are my favorite creature!

    Larry BoysenLarry Boysen7 dager siden
  • I like this guy. He's informative and well spoken

    Jeremy HarrelsonJeremy Harrelson8 dager siden
  • Ummmm... what's up with the chocolate covered cicadas? People are gobbling these up in vandalia Ohio 2021! True story! I'm seriously thinking "no"! Something that has been literally in the ground for 17 years, and the 1st thing that pops in their minds is.... "let's dip that SOB in some milk chocolate!" Are you kidding me right now?! Lol! Bon appetit ya'll!

    Lynn BarkerLynn Barker8 dager siden
  • I wouldn't call it a... *symphony*

    ΕιρήνηΕιρήνη8 dager siden
  • What he said at the end moved me :O

    UrbanAstronomerUrbanAstronomer8 dager siden
  • His hair looks like it's great at playing fetch.

    Viktor JönssonViktor Jönsson8 dager siden
  • Great job on this dude

    daniel bertgesdaniel bertges8 dager siden
  • Omg, this guy can throat sing!! My mom inspired a similar sense of wonder in me regarding cicadas when I was a child. She taught me that they only live for a brief period, mate, and die while signifying the arrival of summer with their noise. Whenever one landed on the window screen, she'd shush my brother and I and say quietly, "Look, there's a cicada!" If it weren't for mom, I'd probably be terrified of them.

    olive4naitoolive4naito9 dager siden
  • Cicadas are the sound of summer. When you hear it after the long winter and spring, you know you're ready to sit out on the grass with a cold drink and listen

    ShiggigglesShiggiggles9 dager siden
  • What a great informative vid

    Thijs LammerseThijs Lammerse9 dager siden
  • Sounds like Yoko Ono's last album. 🤔

    MrDavidr86MrDavidr8610 dager siden
  • I think the sound is probably also somewhat of a defense against predators. I've been noticing that birds sometimes seem to be disrupted by it. I'm sure a lot of birds are still eating them anyway, but I've noticed birds in my backyard seem to be getting upset and making more noise than usual. I think it's because of the noise. I wonder if the emergence of the cicadas increases the bird population every 17 years because there's more food, so more birds survive and make babies?

    Melissa0774Melissa077410 dager siden
  • Why are cicadas so lo... NO JUST NO

    Mighty Thor Odinson the StormbreakerMighty Thor Odinson the Stormbreaker10 dager siden
  • This was an amazingly informative video. That song he sang at the end had me dying.

    EDEN 2EDEN 210 dager siden
  • 1:37 Cashier Receipt sound

    Sai Dela CruzSai Dela Cruz10 dager siden
  • The aggressive sail proximally label because japanese seasonally rain a a grumpy opinion. trite, likeable geology

    R BauR Bau10 dager siden
  • Sounds like electricity to me

    WendyWendy11 dager siden
  • I'm hearing cicadas on my phone and outside at the same time. I'm losing my mind.

    LameBraneLameBrane11 dager siden

    NUT HOUSENUT HOUSE11 dager siden
  • If i had to make a sound for electricity this would be it.

    Mike RMike R11 dager siden
  • I am fine with them but as long as they stay outside. They have been in my car and we had words. We are good now.

    Terjuana NeilTerjuana Neil11 dager siden
  • This is fascinating! They are creepy yet fascinating....thanks for this share brother!

    AJ’s Green Thumb, LLCAJ’s Green Thumb, LLC11 dager siden
  • He sounds so happy and his voice is absolutely BEAUTIFUL at the end , bless his soul💜

    Jauvie ッ (TiredTM)Jauvie ッ (TiredTM)11 dager siden
  • A certified bop lol

    Ann MercadoAnn Mercado11 dager siden
  • This man has Levar Burton’s same cadence and call to curiosity and it is wonderful to listen to.

    Elliot SchottElliot Schott11 dager siden
  • Just saw you on the CBS This Morning. You are just the cutest with your enthusiasm for all things bugs, especially cicadas. Kudos to you for finding a job that you are passionate about and where you get to spend your days in the “symphony section” of the forest.

    Lesley BoatrightLesley Boatright11 dager siden
  • We are all gonna be “cicadas” after covid 19…

    Dion ArgüellesDion Argüelles11 dager siden
  • Well presented enjoyed it.

    Estella JohnsonEstella Johnson11 dager siden
  • Excellent presentation on cicadas. I love Samual Ramsey’s voice and passion about what he studies. I luuuvv cicadas!

    Heidi MHeidi M12 dager siden
  • I love their sounds, when there are many, it's very peaceful to me. I miss when they are gone.

    Kage AkumaKage Akuma12 dager siden
  • Go, Dr. Sammy! Give him a series!

    D HemD Hem12 dager siden
  • I need to meet this guy so he can teach me how to do my hair like this!

    matma01matma0112 dager siden
  • Is it just me or doesn't he look kinda like LARRAY 👀

    jess bjess b12 dager siden
  • Real talk doe , I like cicadas na

    OneMan BandOneMan Band12 dager siden
  • This is very true though after the pandemic we've all been though. These 17 year cicadas give us a sense of normalcy. Like we're back to the past when it was normal.

    Gamaliel TurciosGamaliel Turcios12 dager siden
  • What's weird is that usually 4 to 3 females land on me when I go out almost everyday. Because the ones that land on me don't make noise. It's just weird.

    Gamaliel TurciosGamaliel Turcios12 dager siden
  • I don't get this 17 year thing, are they saying we don't see them for 17 years? I see them every year?

    Mario VercilloMario Vercillo12 dager siden
  • this guy is amazing

    KingSalmonKingSalmon12 dager siden
  • I don't really like insects but this man trying to convince me otherwise

    Bright OnwuliriBright Onwuliri12 dager siden
  • I wanna burn them all

    C miroC miro12 dager siden
  • So what happens to males after matting?

    C miroC miro12 dager siden
  • These bugs are so annoying I live by Chicago and they're the most annoying bugs on the planet

    ChrispyTheBotChrispyTheBot13 dager siden
  • So that means YOU STUPID

    josiah vlogsjosiah vlogs13 dager siden
  • Cicadas actually pierce the skin and suck blood but after the do they die

    josiah vlogsjosiah vlogs13 dager siden
  • Dr. Bug needs his own channel!! Interesting guy!!

    Jacquie TellalianJacquie Tellalian13 dager siden
  • You are so smart and cute 😍

  • Wow, what an engaging presenter with an engaging manner. I'm looking at insects in a whole new light. Thank you.

    Marianne MuellerlerleileMarianne Muellerlerleile13 dager siden
  • He’s incredible and so passionate! I’d love to see him regularly!🙌🙌

    Jewellianna PalenciaJewellianna Palencia13 dager siden
  • Excellent content and delivery. Thank you Dr Ramsey!

    Neil ParrottNeil Parrott13 dager siden
  • Now eat the bug, bugman.

    Peter K.Peter K.13 dager siden
  • I have woods on 3 sides of my house and they sound like one or more cement trucks idling in my driveway.

    Carole DreherCarole Dreher13 dager siden
  • Burn the whole forest down 💁🏾‍♂️ (kidding)

    MrMiamiswaggz305MrMiamiswaggz30513 dager siden
    • They are everywhere

      InspiringerInspiringer10 dager siden
  • I loved this video. His explanation is so cool.

    Denis GreeningDenis Greening13 dager siden
  • Fantastic!

    Karen CukrowskiKaren Cukrowski13 dager siden
  • Loved this!

    Colleen HindsonColleen Hindson13 dager siden
  • What a wonderful video! Instructional, entertaining, and even inspirational! Great job on the Tuvan throat singing and the romantic song at the end. What a wonderful world we live in!

    Barbara LovelessBarbara Loveless13 dager siden
  • I never knew this sound was cicadas. It's always struck me as electrical-sounding...like a short in a power line or something. Great presentation!

    Pammy WhammyPammy Whammy13 dager siden
  • This guy is awesome! He was entertaining, full of knowledge and presented the material in a way that guaranteed interest.

    Michelle PatroniMichelle Patroni13 dager siden
  • He was awesome..... The real test is can he make me enjoy hearing about cockroaches?????

    Rick CesarRick Cesar13 dager siden
  • Excellent. Thank you! 😄

    Gaella ElwellGaella Elwell13 dager siden
  • I second (third? 60th?) the request for more of Samuel Ramsey! I just followed the noted Twitter and Instagram accounts, but I almost never spend time in those sites. He made this video worth watching all the way through, with his combination of enthusiasm, passion for the subject, clear explanations in language we all can understand, and charm! Bravo, and more - please!

    slywlfslywlf13 dager siden
  • I love him!!

    Mary DixonMary Dixon13 dager siden
  • Aha! I knew it had something to do with procreation!

    EmmySueEmmySue13 dager siden
  • The Universe is taking to us😃

    Living StonedLiving Stoned13 dager siden
  • The more you learn about cicadas, you'll fall in love!! They are awesome musicians! God and nature are truly wondrous!!

    Trasea22Trasea2213 dager siden
  • I really enjoyed this. Thank you!

    Coral JamesCoral James13 dager siden
  • Does Dr. Sammy have a show?

    ButterflyneverlandsButterflyneverlands13 dager siden
  • People need to appreciate bugs a lot more. Being a vegan I respect and appreciate insects a lot more than the average person but still hate mosquitoes. Dr. Sammy, please help me understand mosquitoes.

    ButterflyneverlandsButterflyneverlands13 dager siden
  • This is fascinating! Look forward to seeing more of Dr. Sammy Bug Ramsey 😁

    ButterflyneverlandsButterflyneverlands13 dager siden
  • Thanks so much! I love learning and you made this easy!

    Meg DudleyMeg Dudley13 dager siden
  • This man gave the most interesting information about cicadas. I had to watch the entire presentation.

    Patricia FergusonPatricia Ferguson13 dager siden
  • And now we're eating them. Figures :/

    Julie T.Julie T.13 dager siden
  • He presents the facts and information in such a clear and easy way-- a good singing voice, too! :)

    Lenora DernogaLenora Dernoga13 dager siden
  • Nice job

    Ford FanFord Fan13 dager siden
  • I love the noise the cicadas make , it is amaizing being so small

    Susana PolleySusana Polley13 dager siden
  • Wow! I hate bugs but this is cool👀 thank you!

    LEJO lip swatchesLEJO lip swatches13 dager siden
  • Well done

    susan benenatisusan benenati13 dager siden
  • Great explanation, easily understood.

    Sandy GilbertSandy Gilbert13 dager siden
  • Outstanding presentation Dr. Sammy

    Karen CiccaroneKaren Ciccarone13 dager siden
  • Thanks for the great lesson on cicadas! You're a good teacher.

    Heather HuppertHeather Huppert13 dager siden
  • sound like humans......

    mr saiyanmr saiyan14 dager siden
  • Wow 17 years that changes everything

    Shini GamiShini Gami14 dager siden
  • The ones coming out now have orange eyes

    Michael A.Michael A.14 dager siden