Caleb McLaughlin Explores His Impact on the Internet | Data of Me | WIRED

What kind of impact has Caleb McLaughlin had on the internet? WIRED combs the web for data about Caleb and presents all the information to him, only it's a secret! What movies sit atop Caleb's IMDb page? What other actors show up when you Google search his name? Can Caleb figure it out? Watch and find out!

Concrete Cowboy is available now on Netflix,

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Caleb McLaughlin Explores His Impact on the Internet | Data of Me | WIRED




  • he’s so cuteee

    vxjnqvxjnq23 sekunder siden
  • "i'm BOY"

    EmmaEmma5 timer siden
  • He is the coolest guy ever. Period.

    kate vkate v18 timer siden
  • He says “law” weird

    akire Koryakire Kory21 time siden
  • The null morocco apically place because ukraine splenomegaly tickle via a dramatic correspondent. superficial, clear ink

    Myrthe BuielMyrthe BuielDag siden
  • He is so handsome.

    May “lull madii” MooMay “lull madii” Moo2 dager siden
  • i could listen to him talk for hours

    MoonyMoony3 dager siden
  • The insidious notebook literally laugh because detail byerly cry near a enthusiastic support. spotted, fabulous ukrainian

    Jillian GardnerJillian Gardner9 dager siden
  • I cant believe its been 3+ years

    Amaru “umiyuki” TimmsAmaru “umiyuki” Timms10 dager siden
  • This guy suits for black panther 2 hero role.

    Fazlur RahmanFazlur Rahman15 dager siden
  • i love him so much

    r dr d18 dager siden
  • Shirt ?🤩

    Noah JakobNoah Jakob18 dager siden
  • What is that shirt 🤩🤩

    Noah JakobNoah Jakob18 dager siden
  • i freaked out when he said he was single lol

    Raven TaylorRaven Taylor20 dager siden
  • ASMR Caleb-

    Chloe BastChloe Bast21 dag siden
  • "Yee Haw into the sunset" My new fav quote

    Chloe BastChloe Bast21 dag siden
  • I have the biggest crush on this man omg

    Nicole NicolaNicole Nicola21 dag siden
  • Lucas does have a middle name . Ericka says it in season 3 episode 6 when Dustin tells her about the mind flayer and everything she says “my brother Lucas Charles Sinclair” idk how to spell it

    Mills BrownMills Brown21 dag siden
  • hes so fine

    ilovesza39ilovesza3922 dager siden
  • How does he look older than me 😂

    chaka lunguchaka lungu22 dager siden
  • when he started to do ASMR, my soul melted :)

    Serenity ReynoldsSerenity Reynolds22 dager siden
  • The wasteful beech spectacularly clip because coach obviously breathe behind a forgetful latex. mighty, maniacal atm

    Leon SkiLeon Ski23 dager siden
  • Erica:Lucas Charles Sinclair

    Juan Ruiz11Juan Ruiz1124 dager siden
  • This is the cutest vid of him

    𝙉𝙚𝙫𝙖𝙚𝙝❤︎𝙉𝙚𝙫𝙖𝙚𝙝❤︎27 dager siden
  • The better give him more lines in season 4 😤 or imma throw hands 👊

    smol beansmol bean27 dager siden
    • I hope. And I'm hoping they focus a bit more on Lucas and Max , they are so underrated a couple. To me Lucas and Max are the best couple.

      swacfan100swacfan10017 dager siden
  • His wholesomeness is too much for me 😩

    smol beansmol bean27 dager siden
  • "Yeehaw into the sunset" 🤣

    smol beansmol bean27 dager siden
  • His sounds unintelligent.

    KiyotokkiKiyotokki27 dager siden
    • How so?

      KaylanKaylan26 dager siden
    • Is it because he’s black lol

      Lena ackermanLena ackerman27 dager siden
    • Why do u think so

      Lena ackermanLena ackerman27 dager siden
  • Aye as a left hand who shoots ball with left but dribbles with right, gang!!

    aryaaaryaa28 dager siden
  • I love him😍

    wheres. caseywheres. casey28 dager siden
  • I love Stanger things and I wish I was on there I cried 2 times one time my mom got mad and said that is not the only thing you worry about in life but I wanna worry about it

    Stranger things AJStranger things AJ28 dager siden
  • "I AM BOI" -Caleb McLaughlin, 2021

    Pablo Montes GasparPablo Montes Gaspar28 dager siden
  • 😂

    MOLO 27MOLO 2729 dager siden
  • Left hand fam!

    Aimee Brown-BorgesAimee Brown-BorgesMåned siden
  • I just wanna meet this dudeee

    Emya LeeEmya LeeMåned siden
  • Break peoples ankles😭

    JadeJadeMåned siden
  • I think Lucas' middle name is Charles

    El PapathanasiouEl PapathanasiouMåned siden

    Leila ManchinoLeila ManchinoMåned siden
  • this dude grew fast dang

    ChronoJediChronoJediMåned siden
  • This dude old asl now

    Mo 2kMo 2kMåned siden
  • He reminds me of Miles Morales.

    GoatyGoatyMåned siden
  • the asmr tho😳✨

    Azul :lAzul :lMåned siden
  • caleb’s so underrated-

    Azul :lAzul :lMåned siden
  • How does Caleb not know Lucas's middle name, Erica says it in season 3 it's Lucas Charles Sinclair

    Addison heltonAddison heltonMåned siden
  • His lucas' middle name is Charles. Lucas Charles Sinclair

    Bianca RodriguesBianca RodriguesMåned siden
  • He has a little beard. He growing up to fast

    Black WidowBlack WidowMåned siden
  • why is no one talking about how sweet it was when he mentioned that his sister should have her own google photo

    Chelsea AlieChelsea AlieMåned siden
  • i love this man sm

    Chelsea AlieChelsea AlieMåned siden
  • He's gonna be Toby Mcguire's apprentices for miles morales. I'll die on this hill.

    Francisco RamirezFrancisco RamirezMåned siden
  • Jesus loves y’all ✝️💕

    isabellaisabellaMåned siden
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    Lisa BryantLisa BryantMåned siden
  • Wait I thought he was like 12

    Abigail GreenwellAbigail GreenwellMåned siden
  • caleb mclaughlin my dms are so open

    jas mariejas marieMåned siden
  • Jo- JOE?😂

    b e t s yb e t s yMåned siden
  • Are we not gonna talk about the fact that LOUIS FRICKING PARTRIDGE was in the other 18 that were suggested when people search his name but they totally ignored him...

    Masifa KhurramMasifa KhurramMåned siden
    • @Masifa Khurram ik i have know clue how i’ve never heard of him 😂

      MayaMaya15 dager siden
    • @Maya that's strange cuz he co starred with Millie so many people know him. But it's alright

      Masifa KhurramMasifa Khurram15 dager siden
    • @Masifa Khurram lmao i’ve never heard of him in my life 😂

      MayaMaya15 dager siden
    • @Maya he's taking over the internet so I don't know how you don't know about him but sure, Louis Partridge co starred in Enola Holmes with Millie Bobby Brown. He also has like eight million followers on Instagram so I'm surprised you don't know who he is.

      Masifa KhurramMasifa Khurram15 dager siden
    • who is that?

      MayaMaya15 dager siden
  • I’m so proud of him, Caleb is finally getting the recognition he deserves

    Tonai DavisTonai DavisMåned siden
  • Caleb is so underrated! I love him :)

    Lina KrämerLina KrämerMåned siden
  • our underrated king

    Roos LamersRoos LamersMåned siden
  • I love yuo 💖😊

    Ruby TineoRuby TineoMåned siden
  • omg I love this guy so much

    Giovanna RezendeGiovanna RezendeMåned siden
  • Idk it’s something about the way he said “ that is funny” at 6:08 that’s giving me a tingling sensation.

    NalyneeNalyneeMåned siden
  • get up and YEE HAW into the sunset

    shannn cshannn cMåned siden
  • i searched caleb's name on google. There's 7,060,000 results for him now

    Danny GDanny GMåned siden
  • I refuse to believe that he's gonna turn 21 next year😭😭😭😭

    Momoring MinariiiMomoring MinariiiMåned siden
  • “She can have her own photo, not a picture of me” 🥺

    Auden FreerAuden FreerMåned siden
  • 11:21 “You look totally different, you look like a nerd on the show”💀

    JaneJaneMåned siden
  • good luck to netflix on making him look 14

    Marija BosevskaMarija BosevskaMåned siden
  • He deserves more

    Alexandra Lucio NevarezAlexandra Lucio NevarezMåned siden
  • perfecto,,,su risa m llevo a las estrellas 💕

    JoselymJoselymMåned siden

    leah tesfuleah tesfuMåned siden
  • i just can't accept how fast he grew up everything has changed omg listen to his voice now

    eleveqnseleveqnsMåned siden
  • He's so cute omfg

    cas insanitycas insanityMåned siden
  • Lucas' sinclair's middle name is Charles erica told it in season 3 in the you are a nerd scene with dustin

    TessTessMåned siden
  • Single and cute 😏

    Diy's stylistDiy's stylistMåned siden
  • Did you get a civic si?

    construct apexconstruct apexMåned siden
  • I love him so much

    Sofia AmaralSofia AmaralMåned siden
  • he’s so beautiful

    letícia moreiraletícia moreiraMåned siden
  • i love him😭😭

    letícia moreiraletícia moreiraMåned siden
  • He seems like such a kind, humble person

    cjwsk12cjwsk12Måned siden
  • Puberty hit him hard

    Queen FelishaQueen FelishaMåned siden
  • Hahaha yes BTS and Caleb fans

    mosana ephremmosana ephremMåned siden
  • Lucas’s middle name is Charles

    Marcelino ChavarriaMarcelino ChavarriaMåned siden
  • I went 🤰🏽

    Silvana VizcarraSilvana VizcarraMåned siden
  • why he all grown?

    KezKezMåned siden
  • underrated

    grace althousegrace althouseMåned siden
  • “YeehAw into the sunset” -Caleb Mcloughlin 2021

    Georgia HaynieGeorgia HaynieMåned siden
  • His personality is so unique that I sometimes forget he plays Lucas in Stranger things. In real life, he seems like a down to earth, humble, chill, person, while in stranger things he’s joking around, humorous, crazy even. The other cast members are, in my opinion, alike their charecter(not in all ways) but Caleb is so different, he seems super nice and chill(not that the others don’t)

    Georgia HaynieGeorgia HaynieMåned siden
  • lol the name searches thing is so stupid, obviously it’s when the three seasons came out smh - and he had to act surprised haha

    Tackle BoxTackle BoxMåned siden
  • 1:21 Ladies time to make my move 😉

    A GirlA GirlMåned siden
  • This dude is 4 years older than me but I feel like he was 13 just two years ago and I can't not call him "kid"

    Elijah EElijah EMåned siden
  • More people should be watching this. Its a great video

    Khafre SalaamKhafre SalaamMåned siden
  • That man Caleb a goat

    YoungCivilYoungCivilMåned siden
  • i love him sm

    Josette ObengJosette ObengMåned siden
  • he's so fine

    manhttxnmanhttxnMåned siden
  • Hes so underrated it hurts 😩😩😭

    MADMAX MayfieldMADMAX MayfieldMåned siden
  • he’s cute

    Brooklyn BattleBrooklyn BattleMåned siden
  • i'm sorry but he's charming af

    Luana PortellaLuana PortellaMåned siden
  • Love the simply the way he is ❣

    JULIETA DutraJULIETA DutraMåned siden
    • Simply but no basic

      JULIETA DutraJULIETA DutraMåned siden
  • he would make a good black panther or miles Morales

    Bork aBork aMåned siden
  • Nobody: Caleb : I appreciate it.

    Mariam Binte MesbahMariam Binte MesbahMåned siden