Former FBI Agent Analyzes First Date Body Language | WIRED

Former FBI agent and body language expert Joe Navarro breaks down the intentional (and unintentional) non-verbals displayed during dating. What kind of signs do we show during dates that we don't even realize? Can we display our affection for someone without even explaining it verbally?

Check out Joe's book "The Dictionary of Body Language"

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Former FBI Agent Analyzes First Date Body Language | WIRED




  • This made me in a good mood 😌

    nnn ,-,nnn ,-,4 dager siden
  • This is just brilliant!!

    Ozzy ZaniniOzzy Zanini8 dager siden
  • Can we also have some Video of "What happened after 35th Minute" :))

    senthil kumarsenthil kumar13 dager siden
  • 😆Corona virus funny video 😆

    Lm darshanaLm darshana16 dager siden
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    Champlin AlejandroChamplin Alejandro17 dager siden
  • Ahahahahaha i needed this earler

    Tina NaaTina Naa17 dager siden
  • I'm impressed with how well Mr. Navarro has staged his bookshelf for this video. Very professional and self-promotional at the same time.

    Teacher YangTeacher Yang18 dager siden
  • Be careful of mirroring another red flag of toxic people

    The PopeThe Pope18 dager siden
  • Red flag no 1 tell me about urself what's ur story. Too much information wanted. Watch out for cluster bs

    The PopeThe Pope18 dager siden
  • Then you meet a cluster b personality and everything changes. Lol

    The PopeThe Pope18 dager siden
  • I need this man to be my wingman

    jwash pwebbjwash pwebb24 dager siden
  • Lmfao they go on a date 6 feet apart like wtf Did they meet each other talking 6 feet apart? It's just weird covid is the common cold And the death rate is that of less than 1 percent of all deaths. in comparison The flu has killed more people over the past year...

    GM WizardGM Wizard24 dager siden
  • this is so strange, i never knew that this was so complex.

    CornbreadCornbread24 dager siden
  • Imagine this guy is in the park recording random people in a suit and black glasses.

    Max PowersMax Powers24 dager siden
  • I guessing this happens when you see your friends. So this in itself doesn't make you compatible

    RSCRSC24 dager siden
  • Me, single af: Interesting

    NHNH24 dager siden
  • This guy makes me feel like Sherlock every time I finish watching the video.

    MilkAndBananaMilkAndBanana25 dager siden
  • i thought the most interesting part of the video was how it explained that there are actually certain parts of our brain that are working the first time we meet someone to decide what we think of them, and that 90% of attraction is body language

    Samantha RescinitiSamantha Resciniti27 dager siden
  • And ten years later he is ruined, no house, no money, never see his children and lost all illusions

    Don Carlo di VargasDon Carlo di Vargas27 dager siden
  • Why is agent 47 telling me about the birds and the bees?

    NoScopeRequired •NoScopeRequired •27 dager siden
  • his books looks interesting! i wanna read em

    wondereggprioritywondereggpriority28 dager siden
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    mary smithmary smith28 dager siden
  • Did they smash tho?

    Katy MaguireKaty Maguire28 dager siden
  • 90% of attraction is body language? WHat about blind people

    SanctuarySanctuary29 dager siden
  • *midnight comes* FBI agent: now you can see the female taking off her shirt and the male is mirroring the behavior.

    Tanner GoldTanner GoldMåned siden
  • Either this guy wears glasses or he really likes sunglasses lol

    Fox HoundsFox HoundsMåned siden
  • They need to give this man his own show already

    RamenBoiRamenBoiMåned siden
  • Great

    Hasindu LankaHasindu LankaMåned siden
  • In spanish for pleace...!

    Jose De Jesus Suarez AmarilesJose De Jesus Suarez AmarilesMåned siden
  • I think I been doing this whole body language thing wrong cuz people tell me I’m hard to read sometimes, rip!

    Malally2Malally2Måned siden
  • women turn their backs to me with their arms crossed when i talk to them.

    I hate everyoneI hate everyoneMåned siden
  • totally love your book

    J MacJ MacMåned siden
  • I'm just wondering if dating is an FBI thing what is that about that's just I don't want to think about that is that sound weird or whatever is anyone else wondering this I don't know I'll get back to me

    Abby RobertsAbby RobertsMåned siden
  • Thanks for the anxiety! I guess she may or may not have been into me after all 😃

    Patrick Jason BongalesPatrick Jason BongalesMåned siden
  • First date and they literally lit like a table apart xD I don't know about you guys, but i've never had such a date.

    Emil FilipovEmil FilipovMåned siden
    • this was filmed during covid. they're social distancing

      Miranda YountMiranda Yount11 dager siden
  • The body talk

  • I thought rubbing of own body is self comforting which indicate discomfort rather than comfort?

    joesr31joesr31Måned siden
  • Typo! (“Limbic Sytem”)

    Kenneth MatreyekKenneth MatreyekMåned siden
  • She found beta bucks delux!

    Chang BangChang BangMåned siden
  • clown

    Agr FogAgr FogMåned siden
  • This was very interesting. 💕

    Celly SpeaksCelly SpeaksMåned siden
  • Dayummm, he went on a date and didn’t even spend 50 cents.

    Celly SpeaksCelly SpeaksMåned siden
  • can this guy tell me if my dog was the one that ruined my favourite sweater by the way he looks tho

    _lilystreatfield_lilystreatfieldMåned siden
  • Please give him a big chair!

  • It's nice dissecting other people's first date! :)

    Veronica CalderonVeronica CalderonMåned siden
  • I want this man as my wingman

    Vishal NimkarVishal Nimkar2 måneder siden
  • Please, more videos about Joe Navarro

    DavideDavide2 måneder siden
  • Well explain

    Leonardo FernandezLeonardo Fernandez2 måneder siden
  • I'm glad that their date went well. I really like this guys hes awesome!

    Alexia RodriguezAlexia Rodriguez2 måneder siden
  • Ok but did they get married?

    MsStresaMsStresa2 måneder siden
  • After watching this I realize the shy introverts of the world exist just to confuse FBI specialists and psychologists.

    BIG BLUEBIG BLUE2 måneder siden
    • I have a purpose!

      The Swiss GuyThe Swiss Guy24 dager siden
    • Not necessarily. They assess your norms and adjust to such.

      Aaliyah EsparzaAaliyah EsparzaMåned siden
    • Lol

      Ebony ChanEbony Chan2 måneder siden
  • I thought the stretched out leg was to counterbalance her torso as she leaned back. I guess that's just something an INTJ would come up with.

    Angelus_SolusAngelus_Solus2 måneder siden
  • Learning this while being a socially awkward person This is going to go well 😐

    CptObviousCptObvious2 måneder siden
  • Pupil dilation can be caused by fear, anger, something we like or don't, arousal, drugs, as well as lighting conditions, not to forget vision problems and other eye conditions, but none of that was mentioned. The eyes dialate on whatever we are focused on typical to get a better look. Me very annoyed with pupils dialated.

    MAC VENAMAC VENA2 måneder siden
  • Wallace and Edward would get you maximum super high views .

    Que serraQue serra2 måneder siden
  • Hey can you do wallace and Edward interviews? There a particular one in 69 that would be interesting yet I know there are plenty of them. Be interesting to see this done to that couple maybe in the old old 1930s clips as well. Please?? Many are asking when their vids are here. I am speaking for a group

    Que serraQue serra2 måneder siden
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    dwi armydwi army2 måneder siden
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    STUTUS ADDASTUTUS ADDA2 måneder siden
  • Any other Joel & Lia watchers have a where’s Waldo moment?

    Jesse_Jane306Jesse_Jane3062 måneder siden
  • It get more and more clear every time I look. Once you know where to look, you feel stupid because you think, “how didn’t I recognise this earlier?”

    YasrxYasrx2 måneder siden
  • Plot twist: The narrator is single.

    MADRAMADRA3 måneder siden
  • The best ever, thank you.

    omid khaliliomid khalili3 måneder siden
  • Had a thought: Maybe the fact that I'm watching these for date advice makes me such a nerd that I'm not getting more dates for this exact reason...

    TheAmbientUniverseTheAmbientUniverse3 måneder siden
  • Wait, imagine this guy just narrating your every move and gesture and non verbal behavior on a date. I’d pay good money to see that

    Renée GuerinRenée Guerin3 måneder siden
    • No seriously, how much?

      JayJayMåned siden
  • 0:07 Wait... That is Joel (& Lia) 😅

    Ana CarolinaAna Carolina3 måneder siden
  • The realization its a COVID distance changed how I perceived it

    Joe MachiJoe Machi3 måneder siden
  • Please do a video on UFC Fighter Sterling whether he was acting like he was hurt for the ref to give him a DQ win and the belt

    r mr m3 måneder siden
  • He's analyzed his kid's friends, every co worker, people at drive thru, dog walkers, the gal who cuts his hair at supercuts; that's putting alot of pressure on a friendship. Just reading this, he knows my avocado toast was less than subpar this morning. 😨 😨 😨

    warm & fluffy sockswarm & fluffy socks3 måneder siden
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    Carissa696 Rice164Carissa696 Rice1643 måneder siden
  • This was actually the best video I watched on body language

    Takashi MasudaTakashi Masuda3 måneder siden
  • Wat a load of crap 😂😅😅🤣

    Seven Star Alliance David BracSeven Star Alliance David Brac3 måneder siden
  • 99% of all your experts are old straight white dudes and I’m bored of these tired opinions 🤷🏼‍♀️ I would be way more interested to see some diversity and inclusivity in this video series

    skidzismskidzism3 måneder siden
    • So you reckon young female indian, chinese etc would interpret long researched results of studies differently?

      Carole DeCarole De3 måneder siden
  • Why am I grinning so much at their lil date?

    Missy MissyMissy Missy3 måneder siden
  • Plot twist: They were making fun of Trump

    Corona 2.0Corona 2.03 måneder siden
  • I did not realize that was a covid-19 date. I thought they were sitting far apart for other safety.

    Star GazerStar Gazer3 måneder siden
  • Well, what happened ? They get another date, or not? I need closure!

    makeupunlimitedmakeupunlimited3 måneder siden
  • Yah rigth dude is a fraud coming up with stuff cuz he looks older we are suppose to believe what he says. Even if he is a fed a professional liar.

    laz fernandezlaz fernandez3 måneder siden
  • Very true in all major way’s.

    Mark FelgerMark Felger3 måneder siden
  • wait so the mirror thing is real 😳

    haenohaeno3 måneder siden
  • Joe Navarro! Legend! Have read three of your books and learnt so much. Dangerous personalities, non verbal communication... can’t remember the other one. But thanks so much for making this information available.

    dj fraydj fray3 måneder siden
  • wow i know all of this already

    Umniya AnsariUmniya Ansari3 måneder siden
  • While body language is a component of “language”, it’s not a formulary one ... so much of it is “up in the air” for broad interpretation by the viewer & it’s something that is easy to manipulate by the individual

    Ryan KellyRyan Kelly3 måneder siden
  • This is so fake OMG 🤣

    Tilo HueTilo Hue3 måneder siden
  • Like how the socially distanced dating is in colour and normal dating is in black and white

    E WE W3 måneder siden
  • Lol, NOcds keeps on disrespecting me with these recommendations

    O OO O3 måneder siden
  • these two look related

    Ty CobbTy Cobb3 måneder siden
  • Just give this man his weekly content please😭

    koizora rairakoizora raira3 måneder siden
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      Juan manuel MartinezJuan manuel Martinez2 måneder siden
  • This clip was so informing that I said ‘Omg that’s crazy’ out loud to myself. 😂

    Eindri kyaw seinEindri kyaw sein3 måneder siden
    • Pls post more dating analysing clips

      Eindri kyaw seinEindri kyaw sein3 måneder siden
  • *cue Letterkenny when Wayne goes on a date with the psychologist*

    Ridge SnyderRidge Snyder3 måneder siden
  • His office is so Korean.

    collector of dramacollector of drama3 måneder siden
  • In a nutshell, always believe in your gut feeling

    Mohamed SaadMohamed Saad3 måneder siden
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      Gerald PerillaGerald Perilla2 måneder siden
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      Tika PutriTika Putri2 måneder siden
  • Me as an autist 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Raven EchoRaven Echo3 måneder siden
    • Me as an autist, can you do one where they aren't getting along?

      Raven EchoRaven Echo3 måneder siden
  • Make up that makes her look like a clown? ... Disqualified! 🚫🤦🏻‍♂️

    Alejandro VasquezAlejandro Vasquez3 måneder siden
  • Fake huge eyelashes? ... Disqualified! 🚫🤦🏻‍♂️

    Alejandro VasquezAlejandro Vasquez3 måneder siden
  • Huge nails? ... Disqualified! 🚫🤦🏻‍♂️

    Alejandro VasquezAlejandro Vasquez3 måneder siden
  • That feeling when you’re not beautiful and you can’t relate to being stared at or asked out. I don’t make anyone’s pupils dilate

    Princess TaeminPrincess Taemin3 måneder siden
    • That shit's pretty subjective man. There's a lot of different people with a lot of contradicting ideas on what's attractive

      JayJayMåned siden
  • They ended up banging for sure

    im4u89im4u893 måneder siden
  • Thanks for all your advice bro, one day imma dupe an FBI'll be epic \o/

    Withme “Verissimus” WhostonedWithme “Verissimus” Whostoned3 måneder siden
  • Anyone else watching this as a tutorial for how to act on a date?

    MilksushiMilksushi3 måneder siden
  • This stuff is SO COOL

    mike welchmike welch3 måneder siden