How NASA Engineered a Helicopter for Mars | WIRED

It's not easy designing a new helicopter, especially if that new helicopter has to survive a ride on a rocket into space. NASA's Ingenuity helicopter is the first machine aerial vehicle to fly on a planet outside Earth. Ingenuity was designed specifically to fly on Mars. So, why did NASA decide to design a helicopter specifically for Mars?

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How NASA Engineered a Helicopter for Mars | WIRED




  • AAAAA in the future, please include metric system measurements -- at least as an onscreen translation, especially in a scientific video...

    DoxDox9 dager siden
  • So why is it so difficult for people to fathom that other intelligences could send similar probes to study earth? They are known as UFOs.

    Andy HughesAndy Hughes11 dager siden
  • Great 👍

    Phuoc Nguyen 777Phuoc Nguyen 77713 dager siden
  • It kind of seems like to me there would be no reason to account for less gravity because it would just fly with more force... But then again I'm not a NASA scientist so good on them for that.

    Ryan Joseph LongRyan Joseph Long14 dager siden
    • Gravity means how much an object would weigh. How much downward force its exerting. It would've been far more challenging if the gravity of Mars was the same. The blades would have to spin much faster.

      Abdul Ghani Al AkkadAbdul Ghani Al Akkad3 dager siden
  • 6:26 Why do they wear _double_ masks?

    Thomas KlausThomas Klaus14 dager siden
    • It's recommended by the CDC. Provides better filtration because it doubles the layers of material that virus-containing respiratory droplets have to travel through before reaching your face and mouth.

      Stone ColdStone Cold12 dager siden
  • A video about NASA/JPL where imperial system is used (miles and Fahrenheit), ehhh Wired.

    Olafs BERZINSOlafs BERZINS16 dager siden
  • intergalactic gornlings

    Miko BeeMiko Bee16 dager siden
  • Fake

    Kenang PoncoKenang Ponco16 dager siden
  • This is as phony as Mr Spock. NASA exists to convince mankind that God doesn't. Complete hoax.

    Marcus EllisMarcus Ellis16 dager siden
  • Aren't you tired of the Nasa's BS with fake CGI?

    AmericanknowAmericanknow16 dager siden
  • David Copperfield

    Natura WallisNatura Wallis16 dager siden
  • It's not as big of an achievement once you understand that NASA is lying to you and their excessive happiness and laughter is not excitement about their helicopter (666 gematria) but mockery directed at those gullible enough to believe it

    Allan TurnerAllan Turner16 dager siden
  • DEVON ISLAND . .088PSI on Mars 90%+ Co2 ...helical flight is impossible at less than 1 atmosphere. Even with lighter gravity . NASA LIES .

    ✅17 dager siden
    • @Joseph Kernan Mars .088 PSI . Laws of physics say impossible. Grab the formula, and do the math . Lift is the result of a pressure difference. Density is a variable. No pressure , no lift , regardless of rpm . Earth 14.7 psi . Helical flight is impossible on earth @ 4.481 PSI , about the height of Everest . Mars .088psi fails the lift formula , even at 38% of Earths gravity .

      ✅5 dager siden
    • @✅ Actually, propelled flight is possible in any type of atmosphere. Depending on how thick or thin the atmosphere is, it might take as little as 500 rpm to as much as 2400 rpm. But, if there's an atmosphere, that atmsophere can give lift to the heli/drone if the drone/heli blades are moving fast enough. But I do like your take on this subject. Have a good morning!

      Joseph KernanJoseph Kernan5 dager siden
    • @Joseph Kernan there's not enough air density to push against . You can spin as hard and fast as you like , without a dense enough atmosphere to push against , you're not going anywhere . Nasa lies .

      ✅5 dager siden
    • @Joseph Kernan the lift formula disagrees with you . Go watch "drone in a vacuum " .

      ✅5 dager siden
    • But... it is. Even though the atmospheric pressure and thickness is a lot lower than on Earth, with enough prescion of roll and yaw plus really fast spinning blades, the drone would be able to fly.

      Joseph KernanJoseph Kernan6 dager siden
  • Why are they wearing hazmat suits while building a helicopter?

    David BoucherDavid Boucher17 dager siden
    • @David Boucher My pleasure, man. Have a great day!

      Joseph KernanJoseph Kernan5 dager siden
    • @Joseph Kernan thank you for the reply. That makes sense

      David BoucherDavid Boucher6 dager siden
    • The real reason they have to wear suits is because they don't want to contaminate the drone/probe with meterial that could damage the eletrical box in the center. But, the most importannt reason is because they don't want to contaminate Perseverance itself. Perseverance's main mission is to find life on mars. But if a bit of dead skin or water get's within it' sensor, it could contaminate the rover's life-finding parts.

      Joseph KernanJoseph Kernan6 dager siden
    • @The Junior NOcdsr Rather so they don't contaminate the probe with dust, water droplets or whatever else might damage sensitive parts. It's standard procedure for building regular satellites too.

      DE JDE J8 dager siden
    • So they dont contaminate mars

      The Junior YouTuberThe Junior YouTuber17 dager siden
  • This is what the so-called UFOs actually are

    kulik03kulik0317 dager siden
  • 9n

    Vishu GunterVishu Gunter17 dager siden
  • sol after sol, that's the day in space sol for sun. HAHAHAHA SOUL HAHAHAHAH

    Herald Shalom VallenteHerald Shalom Vallente17 dager siden
  • China will duplicate ...they copy and mass produce everything

    Caizer adolfer (proxydobee)Caizer adolfer (proxydobee)17 dager siden
  • Male narrators make it more interesting when it comes to scientific stuffs Leave narration to men

    Caizer adolfer (proxydobee)Caizer adolfer (proxydobee)17 dager siden
  • That [indistinct] is "Yaw" term used in aviation about the side to side movement of an aircraft.

    Herald Shalom VallenteHerald Shalom Vallente17 dager siden
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  • I have a secret for the definitive treatment of Hepatitis and HIV / AIDS. please contact me +22963533473 whatsapp

    Docteur IngénieurDocteur Ingénieur17 dager siden
  • It’s a drone?

    Mus’ab UmairMus’ab Umair17 dager siden
  • He lied about not being able to cancel out gravity... bob Lazar said they have it at Area 51 lmaooo

    SERE SALOMESERE SALOME17 dager siden
    • are you dum

      David CornellDavid Cornell11 dager siden
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    Olav August ResmannOlav August Resmann18 dager siden
  • cant wait till amazon starts sending orders to mars

    dfalconeriodfalconerio18 dager siden
  • DJI is laughing at us

    IceRookIceRook18 dager siden
  • (According to me) it's a useless invention, excessive amount of resources and energy will be wasted to get a little outcome. When the ground is itself pulling u down then u must focus on inventing ground-level machines. 👀

    Wrong DimensionWrong Dimension18 dager siden
  • 👍

    Raul CoronadoRaul Coronado18 dager siden
  • Looks like they're sitting at plastic folding tables in a Holiday Inn conference room waiting for the local real estate association's annual presentation. Mediocre.

    whippingstarwhippingstar18 dager siden
  • The fact that this video is about science and engineering and Wired chose to use feet, Fahrenheit, and unicorn-hooves as units of measurement makes me very icky :)

    Aleixo AlonsoAleixo Alonso18 dager siden
    • same

      TRBenjiSwissTRBenjiSwiss15 dager siden
  • Should we be giving the Martian this technology ? what happenned to the first directive ? How can we be sure they wont use it on each other to wage wars. Tiny pathetic wars, yes, but wars none the less.

    • @Syed Ameed I have my sources

      KENKENNIFFKENKENNIFF11 dager siden
    • Did Martians personally contacted you to tell their plans?

      Syed AmeedSyed Ameed12 dager siden
  • There should be a lego Ingenuity set.

    Ezra StarkeyEzra Starkey18 dager siden
  • I shouldn't read the comments

    Creamy MemeCreamy Meme18 dager siden
  • *happy burmese noises*

    milkallergymilkallergy18 dager siden
  • NASA Employees are getting older, they have to give opportunity to young blood and talented brains just like they did with Ingenuity team.

    Unpossible POGUnpossible POG19 dager siden
  • Comment l'anti matière peut se matérialisé ? "Théories fausse "..🤗

    Moh LalamMoh Lalam19 dager siden
  • everything is fine until you rubb some Imperial system on our concesness. just stop it, would you?

    kolosskoloss19 dager siden
    • What?

      Superslim AnoniemSuperslim Anoniem18 dager siden
  • Imagine: Your a kid at a museum on Mars and an old guy tells you the story of the first aired flight on Mars.

    Quentin MansonQuentin Manson19 dager siden
    • @babecat2000 Ew

      Kurayaminonakade HikaruKurayaminonakade Hikaru17 dager siden
    • @Lies Exposed get an education

      babecat2000babecat200017 dager siden
    • @Waga, Leonard P. 🤯 you blew my mind

      Quentin MansonQuentin Manson18 dager siden
    • Why do we have to tell stories to children when we can just show him NOcds videos about the Mars Helicopter

      Waga, Leonard P.Waga, Leonard P.19 dager siden
  • Make Knight Rider Space SHIP they are looking for a vehicle

    Mike Kozi-LesterMike Kozi-Lester19 dager siden
  • Sahara dessert i presume aka mars 🤣

    rewireyourselfrewireyourself19 dager siden
    • Wrong

      babecat2000babecat200017 dager siden
  • I love how bare-bones designs for NASA rovers and other instruments and now vehicles are. You watch sci-fi movies and TV and you see high-end designs with sleek curves, clean white shells... like you'd expect a new iPhone to look like. But in reality, Ingenuity is basically a box made of gold foil with 2 carbon fiber rotors, 4 kickstand legs, and a small solar panel with a tiny antenna for comms.

    Scott FernandezScott Fernandez19 dager siden
    • Weight. Making stuff aerodynamic when it's not needed is a waste of payload capacity

      Superslim AnoniemSuperslim Anoniem18 dager siden
    • think of it like this we discovered the earth in wooden boats and horses, non of which are really used for travel anymore.

      No DontNo Dont19 dager siden

    Arishfa Jannat 12Arishfa Jannat 1219 dager siden
  • After reading some of these comments, quick PSA: If you thought up some "genius idea" while watching the video, a room full of the best engineers and scientists probably already thought of it during the years of planning and design. You're not all that special.

    CharlieCharlie19 dager siden
    • What if ?!

      Wrong DimensionWrong Dimension18 dager siden
  • Why Nasa made a helicopter for Mars? Do you think this video answers the question ? Or it explains how Nasa made a helicopter for Mars ?

    Timucin EdmanTimucin Edman19 dager siden
    • they answered

      Brandon CaiBrandon Cai19 dager siden
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    Anthony PhungAnthony Phung19 dager siden
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    luis colonluis colon19 dager siden
  • Isnt this a drone rather than a helicopter?

    CombatWombat2169CombatWombat216919 dager siden
    • A drone changes attitude by adjusting the throttle on symmetrical propellers with static blades. Helicopters, as well as Ingenuity, adjust the blade angle of one or two propellers to move around.

      Alex SiemersAlex Siemers18 dager siden
    • its got the mechanical working of a helicopter rather trhen a drone

      Rico MotionsRico Motions19 dager siden
    • a small helicopter is a drone but shrug

      Brandon CaiBrandon Cai19 dager siden
  • now waiting to prove humanity can swim on mars !

    Debasmit Bhattacharya class 4 sec C Roll no 11Debasmit Bhattacharya class 4 sec C Roll no 1119 dager siden
    • bruh

      Brandon CaiBrandon Cai19 dager siden
  • Good job 👍

    Raghav DhoundiyalRaghav Dhoundiyal19 dager siden
  • cant go anywhere. cant got to the moon. def cant go to mars. then you have china with really bad cgi trying to say the same thing. where the jeep wiley at?

    John JamesJohn James19 dager siden
    • @John James get an education fool

      babecat2000babecat200017 dager siden
    • @John James _"Truman show"_ Elaborate.

      Hm GrraarrpffrzzHm Grraarrpffrzz18 dager siden
    • @Hm Grraarrpffrzz Truman show

      John JamesJohn James18 dager siden
    • @DarkTheFailureyes you can see shadows on the moon because it is local, within the van Allen belt. The moon isn't what we think, yes there is a satellite that they call the Iss. But people do not live in it. This is all screened on the ground. Mars weather can not be seen with a normal telescope and all that has been seen is NASA CGI.

      John JamesJohn James18 dager siden
    • You can see shadows on the moon, weather change on mars, and the ISS flying over us

      DarkTheFailureDarkTheFailure19 dager siden
  • lol thqt plastic alu thing is unreal and isnt in space at all and will never be...mars is full of storms how they sayin..i belive we cant go there couse there is no meaning at all..

    minimalist1807minimalist180719 dager siden
    • Uneducated much?

      babecat2000babecat200017 dager siden
    • red planet becomes yellow buahaha

      minimalist1807minimalist180718 dager siden
    • English please? Mars has storms yes, but only happen every year or 2. And it still 1% atmosphere so it isn't that bad

      DarkTheFailureDarkTheFailure19 dager siden
    • Shut the f*ck up redditor

      Jow- RisJow- Ris19 dager siden
  • they can use the rotor wash to clean the dust off the rover's solar arrays (true story)

    Pixel_GeistPixel_Geist19 dager siden
    • @Cedrik Niehof ahh, you're the dumb comment I was looking for. Please just look at a single picture?

      Superslim AnoniemSuperslim Anoniem18 dager siden
    • Perseverance does not have solar panels.

      Cedrik NiehofCedrik Niehof18 dager siden
  • These comments are scary

    Eduardo LEduardo L19 dager siden
    • I agree with you, Eduardo.

      Joseph KernanJoseph Kernan6 dager siden
  • Enemy uav up ahead

    psluxpslux20 dager siden
  • This gotta be so channelging

    shruthi srikumarshruthi srikumar20 dager siden
  • Why not use one of those "UAPs" I keep hearing about?

    The  GooberThe Goober20 dager siden
    • bruh

      Brandon CaiBrandon Cai19 dager siden
  • Idk... science... would we even know if its a pheromone... wack... in the name of?

    Collin MacInnisCollin MacInnis20 dager siden
    • @Basti drunk post. Like lemmings running off a cliff... or a spider that is eaten by its mate... would our brain even let us know the consequences if it was necessary for a species procreation or population control? Ya we are self conscious and aware... but are there some process that our brain leaves us oblivious to...

      Collin MacInnisCollin MacInnis17 dager siden
    • What?

      BastiBasti18 dager siden
  • why do the people in the comments have the iq of a jelly bean

    Cheese stickCheese stick20 dager siden
    • These people you're talking about probably accel in another academical subject. Just because you don't know space stuff doesn't mean you have the IQ of a jelly bean. But I can agree that there are some people in this comment section that were born without their prefrontal cortex

      Joseph KernanJoseph Kernan6 dager siden
  • "It's not easy designing a new helicopter, especially if that helicopter has to... be controlled by these guys..."

    Moge YatesMoge Yates20 dager siden
    • 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000⁰0000000000000000000000000000000⁰000000000000000⁰000000000000000⁰00000⁰0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000⁰0000000000000000000⁰0000⁰⁰0000⁰0000000000⁰0000000⁰0⁰00000000000000000000000000000⁰000⁰0000000000000000000000⁰0000000000⁰⁰0000000⁰0⁰⁰000000000000⁰⁰0000000000000⁰⁰⁰0000000000⁰0⁰0000000⁰0000000000000000000000000000⁰000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000⁰00000000000000⁰00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000⁰0000000000000000000000000⁰000⁰000000000000000000000000000000000000⁰00⁰0⁰000000000⁰0⁰00⁰⁰00000⁰000⁰00⁰00000000000⁰0000000000⁰0000000000⁰00000000000000000000000000000⁰00000000000000000000⁰⁰00000000000⁰0000000000000000000000⁰000000000000000000⁰00000000000000000⁰00000⁰000⁰0000000000000⁰00000000000000000000⁰00000000000⁰000000⁰000000000000⁰000000000000⁰⁰00⁰⁰00⁰0⁰00000000000000000⁰00000⁰000000000000000000000000⁰00000000000000000⁰0000000000⁰⁰00

      fortnite gamerfortnite gamer18 dager siden
    • Jajajaka

      inaki quintanainaki quintana19 dager siden
    • Lol. I see what you did there.

      MrChiragJoshiMrChiragJoshi20 dager siden
  • all very beautiful but I'm curious to know what NASA doesn't show.

    Osnildo MoreiraOsnildo Moreira20 dager siden
    • The very boring footage of the rover moving by some boring mountain that doesnt have anything on it,not even a non existent face

      Just some Forest Ranger with Internet AccessJust some Forest Ranger with Internet Access19 dager siden
  • 2:06 smooth...

    VentrisheroVentrishero20 dager siden
  • Nice

    OP_AlejandroOP_Alejandro20 dager siden
  • “To prove that we can” Proof they waste the money that is given to them. Mars has ice beneath the surface. Mars has dirt on the surface. Give me 3.2 billion dollars to build a rover and I will guarantee you that I will find mud.

    Kurayaminonakade HikaruKurayaminonakade Hikaru20 dager siden
    • @Joseph Kernan What a great idea. Plan to examine if life is on a different planet instead of not destroying the only one we live on... Yeah... Great plan guys 👍

      Kurayaminonakade HikaruKurayaminonakade Hikaru5 dager siden
    • I hope that clears some stuff up.

      Joseph KernanJoseph Kernan6 dager siden
    • @Kurayaminonakade Hikaru Please don't call me a pop tart. But... if I do recall, Perseverance's purpose is to find traces of life within the surface and within rocks. It will get some samples. Then, in a decade, a new rocket will go to perseverance, take the samples, and come back to earth. Then, some biologists and geologists will see if there is any life in the samples. The mission is mroe complicated then that but... that's the whole mission summed up.

      Joseph KernanJoseph Kernan6 dager siden
    • @Kurayaminonakade Hikaru you are right, if you look on mars you will find mud but how does that make nasa a waste of money This is a genuine question i am asking you, pls answer the question instead of just swearing and calling me a Idiot

      The Junior YouTuberThe Junior YouTuber17 dager siden
    • @The Junior NOcdsr So for the past hour you claimed there was no liquid water and you did 2 minutes of research and found out there is liquid water. Wow. Do you understand why I call you a stupid little idiot?

      Kurayaminonakade HikaruKurayaminonakade Hikaru17 dager siden
  • Dumb d dumb dumb dumb.

    1120 dager siden
  • heli-COP-ter = racist

    James WestJames West20 dager siden
    • 😑

      Alex SiemersAlex Siemers18 dager siden
    • Wtf pig helicopter?

      Brendy0881Brendy088119 dager siden
    • We live in a society

      Mokshaj KapadiaMokshaj Kapadia20 dager siden
    • Tf

      QwertyQwerty20 dager siden
  • join the nasha dishcord

    Mattchew SaavedraMattchew Saavedra20 dager siden
    • @Asphalion cord

      Brendy0881Brendy088119 dager siden
    • Stfu

      AsphalionAsphalion20 dager siden
  • Come on, Wired, could you at least use metric when talking science?

    ro proro pro20 dager siden
    • hey man, can you please speak in english? (/s)

      travis denleytravis denley18 dager siden
    • @Max Meister Now, that's more like it. XD

      ro proro pro18 dager siden
    • The helicopter got up to speeds of 24 hamburgers per school shooting

      Max MeisterMax Meister18 dager siden
  • Lmfao ~ I bet you still believe in Santa Claus too ~ you muppets!

    Jabba JayJabba Jay20 dager siden
    • @The Junior NOcdsr Indeed.

      Joseph KernanJoseph Kernan6 dager siden
    • @babecat2000 you are one of the few smart people i have found here

      The Junior YouTuberThe Junior YouTuber17 dager siden
    • Did mommy taught you science during homeschool?

      MIX MasterMIX Master20 dager siden
    • Fool science is real not like your education.

      babecat2000babecat200020 dager siden
  • Awesome awesome awesome👍👍

    Phuoc Nguyen 777Phuoc Nguyen 77720 dager siden
  • What if the cameras can’t see the living things on Mars🧐🧐?

    heaven thegreatheaven thegreat20 dager siden
    • They won't use Perseverance's on-board camera to do the life-scanning stuff. All the smaples of perseverance will be picked up in a rocket and will be sent back to Earth by 2030. They'll use their very precise instruments on Earth to do the life-scanning stuff.

      Joseph KernanJoseph Kernan6 dager siden
    • Do what😂😭😭

      MaybeNotKyleMaybeNotKyle20 dager siden
  • we cant leave earth hence the Firmament

    BehzeyBehzey20 dager siden
    • @Behzey There is no firmament. There just isn't.

      E. RoseE. Rose18 dager siden
    • You can see weather on mars, shadows on the moon, and the ISS

      DarkTheFailureDarkTheFailure19 dager siden
    • @Behzey Get an education fool

      babecat2000babecat200020 dager siden
    • @Behzey u can literally see things weve sent beyond the atmosphere

      Kyle AlexanderKyle Alexander20 dager siden
    • @Behzey we can and we have

      Kirin YardberryKirin Yardberry20 dager siden
  • Dafuq is going on in the comments, target audience selection went wrong?

    acikacikaacikacika20 dager siden
    • finally a smart person in the sea of dumb people that is the comment section

      Cheese stickCheese stick20 dager siden
  • NASA has built a fan base that believes any BS they can CGI!

    So LuckySo Lucky20 dager siden
    • @babecat2000 Tax spending tool!

      So LuckySo Lucky13 dager siden
    • Anti science fool.

      babecat2000babecat200020 dager siden
  • White male: ”To prove that we can”. Surely, he is not paying, it's other people's money so they can make it as extravagant as they wish. And if it breaks, that's ”science”. They still get their compensations in full.

    Dame AnvilDame Anvil20 dager siden
    • I say cut the welfare checks and invest more into research. Ur right gov is wasting money but it’s certainly not NASA .5% of the US budget.

      BigPlanesBigPlanes19 dager siden
    • Dang that white male part was so relevant. Also he is partially helping paying. Unless he's commiting tax fraud, he helps pay too

      DarkTheFailureDarkTheFailure19 dager siden
    • lmfao you just had to say "white male"

      Rico MotionsRico Motions19 dager siden
    • That just racist

      QwertyQwerty20 dager siden
    • Why do you need to say white?

      QwertyQwerty20 dager siden
  • I cant wait to show my students next year! They will freak!

    Christian TavaresChristian Tavares20 dager siden
    • Good luck, my dude. I hope your teaching goes well.

      Joseph KernanJoseph Kernan6 dager siden
    • For what class? Aerodynamics?

      A userA user18 dager siden
    • Oh no a bit moji

      AaronAaron19 dager siden
  • ALONG THE LINE OF THIS NASA BS , At the supposed atmosphere of Mars because of lack of oxygen which occurs at 20,000 feet on Earth and because of lack of pressure which occurs at 50,000 feet on Earth , ON MARS A MAN NEEDS BOTH A OXYGEN MASK AND PRESSURE SUIT... THIS I BELIEVE HAS BEEN PROVED TO BE FALSE IN REALITY

    Bobby BrooksBobby Brooks20 dager siden
    • proof?

      babecat2000babecat200020 dager siden
  • Is gravity different on Mars because it’s round while earth is flat?

    PiromPirom20 dager siden
    • I cant understand how people are falling for this troll

      FishTacos1703FishTacos170319 dager siden
    • Please get a life

      AsphalionAsphalion20 dager siden
    • @babecat2000 nooooooo r/woooosh

      QwertyQwerty20 dager siden
    • The earth is not flat get educated.

      babecat2000babecat200020 dager siden
    • You are absolutely correct

      Real Drum Atha TutorialReal Drum Atha Tutorial20 dager siden
  • Waste of tax payers money

    gethin probertgethin probert20 dager siden
  • Hey let's make a helicopter for mars for no reason or benefit🙄

    Rigo AcostaRigo Acosta20 dager siden
    • I am assuming you didn't watch the whole video and just went straight to the comment section.

      Joseph KernanJoseph Kernan6 dager siden
    • Watch Mark robers video on why NASA is good

      DarkTheFailureDarkTheFailure19 dager siden
    • the best reason to do anything - help us understand more about the universe

      Rico MotionsRico Motions19 dager siden
    • Stfu

      MIX MasterMIX Master20 dager siden
  • imagine making a comment that a domestic kitten can still find stupid

    Freddy The KittenFreddy The Kitten20 dager siden
  • Norwegians made the helicopter😎🇳🇴

  • Uh right, um right, right, duha right. Get over the habit of saying "right" over and over. Basically like like like basically.

    James-M.James-M.20 dager siden
  • Sad thing is, people blindly accept this nonsense without question. They will awaken one day .... hopefully

    ogemc77ogemc7720 dager siden
    • @Sigmund Freud I'm a bit confused on what you're saying. Since when does it cost money to post? And what does my soul even have to do with this?

      Joseph KernanJoseph Kernan5 dager siden
    • @Joseph Kernan how does it feel to sell your soul for $0.15 a post?

      Sigmund FreudSigmund Freud5 dager siden
    • @Sigmund Freud For the safety of your loved ones (if you have any) or close friends, get the shot. My cousin died due to COVID19.

      Joseph KernanJoseph Kernan6 dager siden
    • @John James Get an education. You sound foolish.

      babecat2000babecat200019 dager siden
    • @Sigmund Freud If you are talking about the vaccine no the smart ones will live because they vaccinated.

      babecat2000babecat200019 dager siden
  • So good

    Mst LaboniMst Laboni20 dager siden
    • @John James wrong uneducated one.

      babecat2000babecat200017 dager siden
    • at lying

      John JamesJohn James19 dager siden
  • It’s a DRONE not a HELICOPTER !

    Ish UluturkIsh Uluturk20 dager siden
    • Did mommy forget to educate you in homeschool?

      AsphalionAsphalion20 dager siden
    • It’s BOTH. It is remote controlled which makes it a drone. But drones turn by adjusting the speed of the rotors. To turn left, they would make the left rotor slower and the right one faster. Helicopters actually rotate the blades, and that’s what Ingenuity does. Therefore, it is BOTH. You would know this if you actually did research first before shouting about how NASA is lying to us all in the comments section.

      George KreutzjansGeorge Kreutzjans20 dager siden
    • Shut up

      Amrit KaurAmrit Kaur20 dager siden
  • why does everyone here have the iq of an apple science😂

    Niteesh KumarNiteesh Kumar20 dager siden
  • Hi

    Potato SenpaiPotato Senpai20 dager siden
  • Why is it that people post the stupidest comments to the smartest videos? Is there some sort of cosmic intellectual balance that must be maintained? I can't imagine the opinions NASA engineers have of the general population. Honestly if they decide to just wholesale slaughter us, we really need to just accept it and let them.

    Magnan ImusMagnan Imus20 dager siden
    • @Cheese stick anti science? Yikes

    • That is the dumbest post I have ever seen

      Marcus EllisMarcus Ellis16 dager siden
    • Hmm. Seems they got deleted, I haven't seen one yet

      Superslim AnoniemSuperslim Anoniem18 dager siden
    • People with nothing to do, seeking atención

      inaki quintanainaki quintana19 dager siden
    • its a mix of anti science people and some random stuff

      Cheese stickCheese stick20 dager siden
  • did Martians allow that helicopter on their planet? philosophical question Answer would be NO (obviously). Imagine if a giant U F O would float around the world, what would WE (humans) do? 😦😶🧐

    meme GODmeme GOD20 dager siden
    • @babecat2000 So you’re more educated about life on Mars than the Israeli space chief? That’s amazing! What are your credentials?!!!?!?

      Kurayaminonakade HikaruKurayaminonakade Hikaru20 dager siden
    • Right… if the planet wasn’t inhabited or anything…

      AsphalionAsphalion20 dager siden

      George KreutzjansGeorge Kreutzjans20 dager siden
    • Good thing nothing lives there then.

      babecat2000babecat200020 dager siden
  • im surprised no one made a comment about mark rober until now

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  • Because there are no train tracks?

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  • Nice

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  • Maybe it’s because I’m still early but how tf does everyone in the comments have the IQ of a slice of bread.

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    • I dont know what you talking about pls can you explain me?

      TungttuTungttu18 dager siden
    • You know you’re in the “everyone in the comment section” right? Or did you not consider the fact that you are in the comment section?

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    • o k

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  • everyone gansta till some idiot crashes the helicopter

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  • I wonder how Beans will taste on Mars

    Pelle PeterssonPelle Petersson20 dager siden
    • @Leszek Wojcik what he said was important.

      ICII0IICII0I19 dager siden
    • Now we are asking the important questions.

      Leszek WojcikLeszek Wojcik20 dager siden
  • Wew

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  • Why not?

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  • everyone gansta till some idiot crashes the helicopter on the first day

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