LILHUDDY Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Chase Hudson (aka LILHUDDY) takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about himself. What's LILHUDDY's real name? Is LILHUDDY Australian? What does LILHUDDY mean? How tall is he? Are his tattoos real? Chase answers all these questions and much more!

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LILHUDDY Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED




  • This is my good side. I won't show the other one. *Shows his other side while looking at the questions* HAHAHAHA I JUST FIND IT FUNNY

    MM8 timer siden

    Cozxy DesignsCozxy Designs10 timer siden
  • Who else watches his videos just to hear his voice?

    Stella BowStella Bow2 dager siden
  • they must ask about his sexuality

    it's M Musicit's M Music4 dager siden
  • tbh his fingers actually look like what a women's fingers look

    it's M Musicit's M Music4 dager siden
  • Why tf am i watching this

    Naomi S.Naomi S.5 dager siden
  • He’s famous for no reason

    Sophie CarawaySophie Caraway5 dager siden
  • 1 time I had a dream and you were in my house but you drove away but it was fun

    MelodeeMelodee6 dager siden
  • “is lil huddy black”

    KeflaKefla6 dager siden
  • “i’m uh good in relationships” since when

    Annabella PerezAnnabella Perez6 dager siden
  • So they just cut everything to do with charli out 😂😂

    madison hancockmadison hancock6 dager siden
  • yall bring on the racists every time

    jenneenjenneen7 dager siden
  • Wait did he say "Irish and a little bit french" umm what

    Muireann RyanMuireann Ryan7 dager siden
  • Yikes.... Never heard a guy with a voice fry before 🥴

    Michelle RuizMichelle Ruiz8 dager siden
  • Imagine if one of the questions were “Is Chase Hudson black?”

    How Is Your Day So Far?How Is Your Day So Far?9 dager siden
  • Imagine saying the n word

    Samo AbdallaSamo Abdalla9 dager siden
  • His music really is pretty good. Solid, respectable, emo rock. I am excited to see what he puts out in the future. More than anything though I hope that he stays safe and doesn’t fall into any dangerous habits like a lot of young artists today do. Stick to the music and keep a level head.

    selzbvselzbv9 dager siden
  • Jesus Christ is our lord and savior! Repent for your sins! God loves you unconditionally! John 3:16 repent!

    Isabel PetersonIsabel Peterson9 dager siden
  • Chase seems like the chillest guy.

    Blade BraceBlade Brace9 dager siden
  • I like him 🤷

    DeanithDeanith10 dager siden
  • he definitely isn't 6'1, maximum 5'10-5'11, he looks shorter than josh Richards and other tiktoker that are 5'10-5'1 btw

    JAKEJAKE11 dager siden
  • Lol I'm a taurus too

    Flutter Flies♡Flutter Flies♡12 dager siden
  • This kid is everything I hope my son doesn’t turn out to be

    Chuckie FinsterChuckie Finster13 dager siden
    • Spitting straight facts

      MaxMax11 dager siden
  • wikipedia says he was born in Stockton, California. Someone needs to change it if its not true and he was actually born in Oakland

    Vintageart1994Vintageart199414 dager siden
  • Chase outfit:☠️💀 Chase personality: 🤩😘🔥🔥

    Hazel TongHazel Tong16 dager siden
  • He's good looking!

    Rabiya RazaqRabiya Razaq16 dager siden
  • I knew Zodiac signs were true!

    Rabiya RazaqRabiya Razaq16 dager siden
  • literally would date in a heartbeat. im a normal person tho so no chance anyway

    • @BellaxBTS i meant like celebrity

    • He’s a normal person too

      BellaxBTSBellaxBTS16 dager siden
  • hes so cute. we love u chase

  • He does seem really chill tho 👍

    avkook ieavkook ie16 dager siden
  • I want to watch and Mojito video👍👍

    Phuoc Nguyen 777Phuoc Nguyen 77719 dager siden
  • I'm sorry, but he's cute tho-

    WinsleyWinsley19 dager siden
  • Who else thinks he looks kind of like Edward scissor hands

    TOCA GIRLTOCA GIRL19 dager siden

      TOCA GIRLTOCA GIRL12 dager siden
    • @TOCA GIRL ok

      vv12 dager siden
    • @v by the way I have a NOcds channel if you want you can subscribe

      TOCA GIRLTOCA GIRL12 dager siden
    • @TOCA GIRL that’s why i thought what u said was so funny 😂

      vv12 dager siden
    • @v 😂😂

      TOCA GIRLTOCA GIRL12 dager siden
  • Am I the only one that hears him like 🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖

    Arely GranadosArely Granados19 dager siden
  • I don't even listen to this man's music but his bone structure screams classically handsome

    R LR L20 dager siden
  • Cool interview.

    Ira FordIra Ford20 dager siden
  • I love chases style and Attitude🖤

    Audriana MontesinoAudriana Montesino21 dag siden
  • I love Harry Potter!

    Flower SunshineFlower Sunshine21 dag siden
  • whats his coat i want it so bad :(

    eliazzzeliazzz23 dager siden
  • Chase Personally: 🖤 🥀 🔪 ☠️👟📱🔨 Chase Voice: 🌈 🦄 🧚‍♀️ 🧸🎉💕😆

    AnixzerAnixzer23 dager siden
  • Chase style :🖤🤟🏻🔥🔗⛓⚫ Chase heart :🦄💕😘🍓💕

    Niveita BalamuruganNiveita Balamurugan24 dager siden
  • He seems like a nice dude, but why is this guy famous again?

    Robert MichalecRobert Michalec24 dager siden
  • They rlly be thinking they celebs

    *Pink Icedtea**Pink Icedtea*25 dager siden
  • Chase is so amazing and doesn't deserve the hate. He's so humble and kind

    ReyfunReyfun25 dager siden
  • Why did this video come up when I searched up about NCT Hollywood, oh hail nah don't tell me he's gonna be in it, NCT Hollywood should just be automatically be cancelled 😭

    Kazuto Kirigaya 20Kazuto Kirigaya 2025 dager siden
  • I couldn't found the full movie, where/how can I found it?

    Derin Ecrin ÖztaşDerin Ecrin Öztaş26 dager siden

    Viry AllenViry Allen27 dager siden
  • The camera casually zooming in when he says waffles... French kiss

    Ava IsabelleAva Isabelle27 dager siden
    • I probably didn’t but since I wrote this a few days ago, I’m now trying to remember what I meant to write 🥸

      Ava IsabelleAva Isabelle25 dager siden
    • I think you mean chefs kiss lmao

      ava :]ava :]26 dager siden
  • Stfu

    Yusuf GaziYusuf Gazi28 dager siden
  • John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." Have a blessed day, brothers and sisters in Christ!

    Joel HayesJoel Hayes29 dager siden
    • amen

      Iam AwesomeIam Awesome25 dager siden
    • Amen

      Iman WilliamsIman Williams27 dager siden
  • 🥰🥰🥰

    Ayesha KhanomAyesha Khanom29 dager siden
  • 💕💕💕💕

    Ayesha KhanomAyesha Khanom29 dager siden
  • 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Ayesha KhanomAyesha Khanom29 dager siden
  • LilHuddy: Harry Potter fans ME: Omg same!! I love you lilhuddy!

    Just Can't Stop GamingJust Can't Stop GamingMåned siden
  • As soon as I heard encino Cali, I immediately thought of karate kid

    Madi Koury is DrowningMadi Koury is DrowningMåned siden
  • Dude being a goaly is amazing when I was younger I used to play soccer and my dad said " being a goaly is for the people they have no were else to put " but yet now I'm in dance and is always in front for comp so yea dad hope u see this

    maddy garibaymaddy garibayMåned siden
  • His voice is so deep

    Jackie DanielsJackie DanielsMåned siden
    • not really, he’s 19 so it’s pretty average for his age

      vv19 dager siden
  • Same i cant cook😭 only spaghetti and macandcheese

    maddymaddyMåned siden
  • No one cares

    R88 CastilloR88 CastilloMåned siden
  • Maybe he’s not the meanest person after all

    Khazana AzizKhazana AzizMåned siden
  • He's so good at relationships no cap

    Amanda SanfordAmanda SanfordMåned siden
  • "im on my eigth cup of coffee" - machine gun kelly, ttmd bts

    Nichole BentonNichole BentonMåned siden
  • Racisttttttt

    Eden GainesEden GainesMåned siden
  • Y’all need to interview Dylan O’Brien

    IcylannIcylannMåned siden
  • Happy delate birthday

    destiny222 333destiny222 333Måned siden
  • I’m NoT 5’7 ANd iM NoT 18 LEaVe mE AlOne

    TayTay_gamingTayTay_gamingMåned siden
  • Did he just say he is good at relationships

    Ashley BenivamondeAshley BenivamondeMåned siden
  • Chase: I’m a Taurus I’m good In relationships Charli: 👁👄👁

    MissHarringtonMissHarringtonMåned siden
  • How tall is he

    nobodynobodyMåned siden
  • Dam his voice is dep now

    Joshua PorterJoshua PorterMåned siden
  • Lost me in good in relationships

    Briannaliz PerezBriannaliz PerezMåned siden
  • Is lilhuddy black?

    St33zy_SightsSt33zy_SightsMåned siden
    • Nope

      nobodynobodyMåned siden
  • ArE lil HuDdYs tAtToOs ReAl NaH I JuSt DrEw ThEm On OnE dAy AnD ThEy DiDnT Go AwAy So I JuSt LEt ThEm ChIlL oN mY ArM

    AlexandraAlexandraMåned siden
  • just a reminder that, if you aren't a poc, you can't accept his apology for saying the n word.

    chicken noodleschicken noodlesMåned siden
  • His clothes 🖤🎈🩸🔫💣🔪⛓🕷💀 His personality 🦋✨🥥🦩🍉🌸🌿

    Mochi ToysMochi ToysMåned siden
  • Bruh I am literally watching this at 15th May and as soon as the 6:43 came I checked the date and it was 15th That's pretty cool duh!!!!

    ClementineClementineMåned siden
  • Oof chase admits he is good at relationships. Chase must have been thinking bout charli

    Vivaan _GondaliaVivaan _GondaliaMåned siden
  • His voice : ASMR

    yasmin azmaniyasmin azmaniMåned siden
  • oh no no no no 😭

    bearfacebearfaceMåned siden
  • I’m good at relationships * charli .-.*

    Talya WattersTalya WattersMåned siden
  • i literally love his voice and style so much

    Alexandra HockingAlexandra HockingMåned siden
  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Unstoppable AlexUnstoppable AlexMåned siden
  • Congratulations 🎊🎈🎉🍾

    Mary JonesMary JonesMåned siden
  • He's cute

    Leah KennedyLeah KennedyMåned siden
  • Oooop

    AlegzAlegzMåned siden
  • Love hp

    Aahan’s UniverseAahan’s UniverseMåned siden
  • fans: omg he is gonna say where he lives ....... chase: i live in California by the beach ! fans:....................................... why why why I WAS ABOUT TO Go FIND HIM BRUHHHHHH

    camila aldanacamila aldanaMåned siden
    • @Mare😩😚 I KNOW I WAS WAITING

      camila aldanacamila aldanaMåned siden
    • That was me lmao😭😭

      Mare😩😚Mare😩😚Måned siden
  • I think we would be cousins if we were related or Stepsiblings

    Fun love of CharliFun love of CharliMåned siden
  • Man sounds like if you smoked and vaped and did drugs at the same time

    KaintuKaintuMåned siden
  • Next : Harry styles

    Smirah BanuSmirah BanuMåned siden
  • 0:33 first of all im not a baby and second of all QUIT

    Lucas CoversLucas CoversMåned siden
  • He's white?

    Ella CardenasElla CardenasMåned siden
  • I love Harry Potter!

    Priyanka MahatoPriyanka MahatoMåned siden
  • how can you be so unfunny as a person

    angela :3angela :3Måned siden
  • He looked so confused like bruh these questions are about you😂

    Jlyss LoarteJlyss LoarteMåned siden
  • Wow I have the same birthday as lil huddy!!!!

    Amaya HarperAmaya HarperMåned siden
  • Every time I see this man I hate him more and more

    Jerman Gonzalez GalvezJerman Gonzalez GalvezMåned siden
  • I just can’t believe that there was no Charli question they cut it or something lol

    Nadine MalfoyNadine MalfoyMåned siden
    • they probably cut it out cuz the first few results in every one is about charli

      vv19 dager siden
  • I was born in May 14th

    Daniss hcDaniss hcMåned siden
  • Is your movie going to the movie theater??

    alex estradaalex estradaMåned siden