Mortician Answers Dead Body Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

Victor M. Sweeney, a licensed funeral director and mortician, answers the internet's burning questions about dead bodies and the funeral director profession. When someone dies, what happens to their poo? If a person dies with contacts in...does a mortician take them out? Will your cat actually eat you when you die? Victor answers all these questions and much more.

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Mortician Answers Dead Body Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED




  • 10:12 i heard one story where a CEO of a Fortune 500 speaks to the employees and asked them who hold the most important job in the company....the CEO's answer is the janitor because they're the one who makes every run, clean, and nice for everyone working in the company

    Hmong ThamkrabotHmong Thamkrabot2 minutter siden
  • “On Eagles Wings” 🦅 by the Swedish Chef 😂🤣😆

    Melissa KegleyMelissa Kegley3 minutter siden
  • 7:35 lmao this dude

    FormaAlertFormaAlert8 minutter siden
  • Why tf am I watching this at 02:42

    BoardWhareHowseBoardWhareHowse8 minutter siden
  • Okay I’m just gonna say what I felt. I felt like this guy enjoyed the nature of his job just 10% more than he should have. I just got a little red flag trip in my head and I felt like I’d put it out there.

    EratagGamingEratagGaming10 minutter siden
  • Why does this guy look like he was recording in black and white and then colored

    Austin TranAustin Tran11 minutter siden
  • "cats being inferior to dogs" I almost needed my poo cleaned out of me with a hose after that comment b/c I almost died lmao

    Amy MooreAmy Moore19 minutter siden
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  • Why am I watching this at 1am lmao

    Kimberly DewittKimberly Dewitt28 minutter siden
  • huh, morbid but interesting.

    FoxBlade Le GosuFoxBlade Le Gosu29 minutter siden
  • Call him what you want, its an industry that is necessary.

    Chivo RamirezChivo Ramirez29 minutter siden
  • bro what kind of face cream? drop the dead body skincare routine

    eonnieonni31 minutt siden
  • Morticians seem soleless to me

    Alex JoslinAlex Joslin33 minutter siden
  • Not the grandma line 😂

    Rachael KukerRachael Kuker34 minutter siden
  • His nameeeee omg I love him 😭 the bra comment took me tf out

    AlliewassogoodAlliewassogood36 minutter siden
  • Oh my gosh he's adorable... and funny.

    Another Witty UsernameAnother Witty Username48 minutter siden
  • i love this guy

    parisparis57 minutter siden
  • I thought he was normal, till the end… lol

    E AlemanE Aleman57 minutter siden
  • Me: *Wansheng Funeral Parlor Flashback*

    Nur Sameeha Ateefa Mohd RosdiNur Sameeha Ateefa Mohd Rosdi58 minutter siden
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  • I have put more bras than I have taken off .... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Karla VergaraKarla VergaraTime siden
  • “I hope you don’t mean keeping a collection” Simply Nailogical has entered the chat-

    Anondita KaziAnondita KaziTime siden
  • Dang! They should've asked about if he had weird dreams about his job.

    Over Nacho 310Over Nacho 310Time siden
  • I dislike cuz of the ads

    Kaeden ShroyerKaeden ShroyerTime siden
  • In my opinion, gravesites are a waste of space. Just cremate everyone.

    Josh DerakJosh DerakTime siden
  • I’ve always had a fear that after I’m buried I will ‘come back to life’ and now that I know what they do to bodies before they go into their caskets that fear is gone😭

    Rubeirys De los santosRubeirys De los santosTime siden
  • Informative, funny and light. The Swedish Chef singing got me at the end. He can take off my bra 😉😂

    Xtina MarieXtina MarieTime siden
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  • This dude is more alive than half the people ive talked to in the real world wtf.

    LuluLuluTime siden
  • One good looking man

    B l a n kB l a n kTime siden
  • Send me into the inferno and turn me into ashes baby!

    Very Nearly PureVery Nearly Pure2 timer siden
  • This guy looks like a quirky character that escaped a Wes Anderson movie.

    Toasty PotateToasty Potate2 timer siden
  • Please don’t replace my blood when I die idrc if I look pale that is just weird man

    MaddyMaddy2 timer siden
  • Oh he is cute 😂😆😆😆

    Daisy MoralesDaisy Morales2 timer siden
  • Keep getting this video recommended little did I know I made the right choice 😉

    Julian MaldonadoJulian Maldonado2 timer siden
  • And this is why I'm getting cremated

    BakuhoeBakuhoe2 timer siden
  • dude looks like a red dead character

    My BottleMy Bottle2 timer siden
  • *reads question* "that is a good question."

    GrizzlyGrizzly2 timer siden

    scrant Jokesterscrant Jokester2 timer siden
  • As a funeral assistant, I can assure you that most of the things he said is accurate :)

    AlterDimensionAlterDimension2 timer siden
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    Brelen KaserBrelen Kaser2 timer siden
  • Imagine him saying “see you soon” at the end

    Dominick GarciaDominick Garcia2 timer siden
    • 😂😂 I hope your comment blows up that was funny

      Casey TyreeCasey Tyree2 timer siden
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  • I'm more curious about why that one cup has a pope.

    Mig NMig N3 timer siden
  • 6 feet under brought me here. Great show

    Justin MajorsJustin Majors3 timer siden
  • he looks kinda like superman. nice

    MochaFurMochaFur3 timer siden
  • This dude do be looking like a book character 💀

    Venus PotatoVenus Potato3 timer siden
  • He’s adorable.

    Kendra ChristineKendra Christine3 timer siden
  • I am writing this down just after the intro before any Q&A. I don't know why youtube suggested this video but I felt weird and exciting and terrified all at the same time.

    Peter WangPeter Wang3 timer siden
    • I have a more mixed feeling now after watching the whole video and respect!

      Peter WangPeter Wang2 timer siden
  • Hey i have a question how is it possible that people fake death if you guys have to do all this?

    Silent SargeSilent Sarge3 timer siden
  • He's super cool. I could talk to him all day.

    heather marieheather marie3 timer siden
  • Can we have a mortician support series, podcast? Please?!

    Alex JohnsonAlex Johnson3 timer siden
  • If you really want to know what a dead body smells like without having to see an actual dead person have a skunk fast in your face, its the exact same scent.

    Daniel HunekeDaniel Huneke3 timer siden
  • I want this guy to embalm me

    Jaguars147Jaguars1473 timer siden
  • I am in love with this man fr fr

    Serene SpiritSerene Spirit3 timer siden
  • dude my dad would always say "imagine having to put a guys body back together because he got blown up' lmao and now I think there's a chance someone and to put a body back together

    Hans CramstrokerHans Cramstroker3 timer siden
  • "Future corpse... Aren't we all" Me: Automatically smashing the like button.

    Miguel AnzolaMiguel Anzola4 timer siden
  • Well this is terrifying

    Kitty QueenKitty Queen4 timer siden
  • This guy is creepy but cool. He actually makes me want to become a mortician.

    Things In My HeadThings In My Head4 timer siden
  • How many first dates ended after she asked "so what do you do for a living?" 😂

    Daniel BrookerDaniel Brooker4 timer siden
  • I don’t know about you but like at my funeral I don’t want the classic dumb Christian songs they play (my family is Christian) I want jojo them songs and another one bites the dust by queen playing

    jolly rangerjolly ranger4 timer siden
  • why he lowkey fine ????

    Aliah SarahiAliah Sarahi4 timer siden

    bestlaptop psnbestlaptop psn4 timer siden
  • 7:35 “I’ve probably put on more bras than I have taken off” What a chad

    Derferder _Derferder _4 timer siden
  • Can I hire this man to sing that song at my funeral?

    Dante De'VonDante De'Von4 timer siden
  • This guy is really likeable

    Rich MirandaRich Miranda4 timer siden
  • Why he kinda fine

    AkullAkull4 timer siden
  • I want to go into mortuary science so this was so fun to watch!!!

    Steph ChretienSteph Chretien4 timer siden
  • This was cool, weird, and informative. I’ll never attend a funeral viewing it the same way again. All my grandparents have long since passed and I’m not married and have no children. So it’s likely my parents will be the next funerals I attend. Hopefully not for a long time.

    Camille LorzCamille Lorz4 timer siden
  • he's so attractive bruh

    pee pee poo poopee pee poo poo5 timer siden
  • Super interesting.

    Black WomanBlack Woman5 timer siden
  • 7:35-7:43 I DIDN'T SEE THIS COMING Lol This man is weird and hilarious. He's weird hilarious while marching to a beat of a different drum.

    Katherine JenningsKatherine Jennings5 timer siden
  • My grandma died in Henderson, Nevada. They started smearing heavy cream on her face then stopped realizing it was a closed casket I assume. When we identified her body she looked horrible with smeared cream left on her face. It traumatized my cousin. Please don't do that.

    JBJB5 timer siden
  • I somehow feel better knowing I'm in good hands after my death

    SapphireRushSapphireRush5 timer siden
  • 9:48 bury my left half and cremate my right

    The Blazin' AsianThe Blazin' Asian5 timer siden
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  • He’s actually so cute and nerdy! Loved it!

    Maiko CarlosMaiko Carlos6 timer siden
  • ew.

    Hailey KuhlmannHailey Kuhlmann6 timer siden
  • Victor? Really? Thats too perfect lol

    James BJames B6 timer siden
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  • Okay but if I die and my cat is hungry & she eats me… she’s just recycling me tbh… like it’s fine

    M MM M6 timer siden
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  • god he is so hot

    why r u looking at my pfpwhy r u looking at my pfp6 timer siden
  • 7:25 XDDDDD

    Subhana Roberts 2Subhana Roberts 26 timer siden
  • I told my wife I wanted to be buried at sea

    Matthew TroyerMatthew Troyer6 timer siden
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  • I like how this guy doesn’t look terrified no saying that he needs to be but like imagine going to put clothes on body an and you can only put shoes and pant if you understand me

    GorutoGoruto6 timer siden
  • Man the cavity embalming sounds like such a waste of good organs that could save someone

    Giulia SivoGiulia Sivo7 timer siden
  • Of course his name is Victor M. Sweeney

    Kailinn92Kailinn927 timer siden
  • I feel like he couldn't wait to talk about his job. I would be like Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys 2, just wanting to vomit every 20 seconds. Idk how this man does it.

    LGS Dwade3LGS Dwade37 timer siden
  • "I've probably put on more bra's than taken off bra's in my entire life" - Victor 2021 *that's really sad*

    LostpaiLostpai7 timer siden
  • Wait what if a girl was on her period and had a tampon in would he have to take it out lol 😂

    Baylee Martin 2Baylee Martin 27 timer siden
  • Do they have to sterilize those instruments or

    Sarah DavisSarah Davis7 timer siden
  • Disgusting

    Egleath ShelishyahEgleath Shelishyah7 timer siden
  • Missed opportunity to talk about what's done with the organs after a full post (thoracic autopsy)... We line a 5 gallon bucket with a really strong bag, dump the organs in, poke holes in them, dump in cavity fluid and let it soak a while. Then the excess is drained, bag tied up. The cavity is then sometimes dusted with an absorbent powder or sawdust and the bag of organs is put into the cavity with the chest plate (a square section of ribs that were cut out for the autopsy) on top, then sewn back up. A little genericized and simplified, but that's essentially it.

    Kyle StanfieldKyle Stanfield7 timer siden
  • have u ever heard a better name for a mortician it’s so creepy lmao

    suvi ssuvi s7 timer siden
  • Who would guess that morticians have a sense of humor like this

    Cynthia Pita SitoeCynthia Pita Sitoe7 timer siden