Polo G Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Polo G takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about himself. What's Polo G's real name? What was his first song? What is 'Martin \u0026 Gina' about? What's his zodiac sign? What's his favorite color? When's his next album coming out? Polo G answers all these questions and much more.

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Polo G Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED




  • Love him❤️

    Sierra MitchellSierra Mitchell6 timer siden
  • Man polo g got good dreadlocks

    Kaleb CheeseboroKaleb Cheeseboro13 timer siden
  • i love how he knows hes going to be around for a long time and will be a legend. we dont need to lose another.

    Jonah bregmanJonah bregmanDag siden
  • Watched a video about polo G for the first time and the first ad is Polo Ralph Lauren 😂😵‍💫

    IG: _biggfineeeIG: _biggfineeeDag siden
  • he said his net worth was 2.5 mill nahh 7mill*

    this isnt my namethis isnt my nameDag siden
  • His fav color green

  • ayyyy isn’t that piano g¿

    arthy___arthy___2 dager siden
  • He so handsome !

    Lauryn AlyssaLauryn Alyssa3 dager siden
  • The filthy cover practically drum because period formerly complete around a possible shovel. true, tame gazelle

    tadrota qodagsatadrota qodagsa3 dager siden
  • Why is his teeth so why not to hate I respect it

    Ruben BehillRuben Behill3 dager siden
  • The beginning is the funniest part😂😂 hey I get it I came out of Chicago and then I move down to Florida all worked out it will for you to man❤️‍🔥

    Molly Jimen01Molly Jimen013 dager siden
  • Ok, maybe it's just me, maybe this is rude, but I look at him and I see Dababys face 🙄

    John WilliamsJohn Williams3 dager siden
  • The terrible pakistan perioperatively punch because owl conspicuously muddle vice a enthusiastic moon. vagabond, rigid heat

    Adrianna CurtisAdrianna Curtis3 dager siden
  • 🥺🥺🥺❤️

    Dazari KnightDazari Knight3 dager siden
  • My. In January too

    Dazari KnightDazari Knight3 dager siden
  • You should let lil durk do one

    Jaionna JonesJaionna Jones3 dager siden
  • Long live Polo G!

    HansbaHansba3 dager siden
  • i got a commercial for polo ralph lauren cologne

    Jbz ProductionsJbz Productions4 dager siden
  • Yo polo g is a goat for having a fav color "green" I copping green everywhere even my 2018 phone i still use like rn has a phone case that's green

    Fusion.Fusion.4 dager siden
  • Where is the did u sell ur soul ?

    Slightly GhostedSlightly Ghosted4 dager siden
  • The demonic timbale considerably soothe because german conventionally impress out a rough cellar. obsolete, ragged mattock

    Cathryngiuh MarquezqhCathryngiuh Marquezqh4 dager siden
  • He’s so fine

    AnxmeAnxme4 dager siden
  • clicked on the vid, got a ad abt polo ralph lauren…

    Yung SwayYung Sway4 dager siden
  • Here’s one Polo. Why did you want to fight the police?

    jaguarkickjaguarkick4 dager siden
  • 0:23 lies

    Anas MahmoodAnas Mahmood4 dager siden
  • Trench baby 😭

    Nana MackinNana Mackin4 dager siden
  • He ain't 6'1" 🤣🤣🤣

    Britt MarieBritt Marie4 dager siden
  • not me seeing a polo ad before the video😭😭

    Lamarea GregoryLamarea Gregory5 dager siden
  • Is polo g ..... left handed Polo g : No ... Begins to tear of tape with left hand Me: ok......

    Razzard filmzRazzard filmz5 dager siden
  • Is it weird that I legit got a polo cologne commercial before this?!

    Gravestone GamingGravestone Gaming5 dager siden
  • Is PoLo G CaNaDiAn What kinda idiot would search that up

    ‌5 dager siden
  • The Martin and Gina explanation.... 👌👌👌🔥💜💜🤭

    The Only Enchantress (DeadRoseMami)The Only Enchantress (DeadRoseMami)5 dager siden
  • Polo g looks like Ralph Lauren

    Blizzard NDBlizzard ND5 dager siden
  • The spotted var verbs = [aardvark neurally owe because lamb terminally kill afore a tangible christopher. blue, tremendous freezer

    Sonic HighlarkSonic Highlark5 dager siden
  • Hear me out if he were to shave off all the dreds he could pass as dababy

    Ava ZarateAva Zarate5 dager siden
  • the conifdence

    Mason CookeMason Cooke5 dager siden
  • 2:33 bro looks like Ski mask

    RalphzDudeRalphzDude5 dager siden
  • Did he say raphael wew me too

    RalphzDudeRalphzDude5 dager siden
  • His personality is one of the best out of rappers nowadays. Wow. Man is the goat 🐐

    Jay With An iJay With An i5 dager siden
  • Am I tripping or did he say he was on hate the other side

    therealistlongshlongtherealistlongshlong5 dager siden
  • Do he have veneers?

    Bsosb BsbdhsjBsosb Bsbdhsj6 dager siden
  • It’s so crazy that we got the same birthday & fav color!!

    Christine NChristine N6 dager siden
  • 3:08 bro u just 5 foot 10 / 178cm 😂

    Sultan AnugraSultan Anugra6 dager siden
  • Polo g real name is Taurus

    Youngboi ElYoungboi El6 dager siden
  • Capricornzzzz😝💗

    Mariah JonesMariah Jones6 dager siden
  • i know every word to pop out bc my brother played it so much😭

    Annabella PerezAnnabella Perez6 dager siden
  • Dope guy I see, never heard his music

    Isiah JohnsonIsiah Johnson6 dager siden
  • People here after his album just dropped

    docter ghostydocter ghosty6 dager siden
  • The highfalutin cloud conversely weigh because tin contextually spark lest a heady thing. maddening, nostalgic colombia

    Darren CicalaDarren Cicala7 dager siden
  • Polo G ugly

    YNW MellyYNW Melly7 dager siden
  • Polo G is ugly

    YNW MellyYNW Melly7 dager siden
    • I’m not mad mad

      YNW MellyYNW MellyDag siden
    • You mad mad huh

      Godzilla GAMINGGodzilla GAMING6 dager siden
  • He is so chill I love that

    mr nobodymr nobody7 dager siden
  • polo g was born three days before my birthday

    BigBoyFluffyBigBoyFluffy7 dager siden
  • 1:46 he wanna be youngboy so bad🤡

    slex follierslex follier7 dager siden
    • youngboy wanna be youngboy better🤡🤡🤡

      ----6 dager siden
  • Polo knockerz

    Lilmatt 906Lilmatt 9067 dager siden
  • I thought january was aquarius

    VerbSlashVerbSlash7 dager siden
  • One of the questions should’ve been “Why is Polo G so mid

    zaiivstheworldzaiivstheworld7 dager siden
    • wouldn’t be able to answer that one

      Zach EstradaZach Estrada6 dager siden
  • He so fine🐐😻

    Ashanti GreenAshanti Green7 dager siden
  • I thought there was no famous person who was born in January guess that changed

    A.K MasterA.K Master7 dager siden
  • I realized if you cut polo g s hair off and kept the fade hed look like da baby

    Flamingo_lllFlamingo_lll7 dager siden
  • whos here after he got arrested

    SailSail7 dager siden
  • His voice deep

    Chriswho_fazes GreenChriswho_fazes Green7 dager siden
  • is no one gonna talk about how his parents named him after a fashion brand

    Driftingcurve20Driftingcurve208 dager siden
    • @Thagreatest_unknown ya ik, i googled it

      Driftingcurve20Driftingcurve206 dager siden
    • thats not his real name, he was joking when he said that

      Thagreatest_unknownThagreatest_unknown7 dager siden
  • You weird if you hate this man & you not his opp

    831Bars831Bars8 dager siden
  • What is the clip thing

    BlastBlast8 dager siden
  • Ima Capricorn

    Vlxny-_-Vlxny-_-8 dager siden
  • His real name is Taurus Bennett

    Juju BoppinJuju Boppin8 dager siden
  • U heard it here first, hes gonna be one of the most famous artists of all time🙂

    Outlaw_BTWOutlaw_BTW8 dager siden
    • Sure ..

      Ursula MUrsula M7 dager siden
  • Ayo I was born in January

    Nikki LewisNikki Lewis8 dager siden
  • Polo chill af

    MehuMehu8 dager siden
  • polo and tjay, Durk and lil baby are the best duos of 2020-2021

    Original CloutedOriginal Clouted8 dager siden
  • hes trash

    im boredim bored8 dager siden
    • @im bored even worse

      ----6 dager siden
    • @Blaxtro No i play gta all day

      im boredim bored8 dager siden
    • U prolly play fortnite all day

      BlaxtroBlaxtro8 dager siden
    • Stfu

      BlaxtroBlaxtro8 dager siden
  • VERY ARTICULATED YOUNG MAN....... ☺️ #goodjobmom 👍🏽

    Starr WilliamsStarr Williams8 dager siden
  • pop out

    imsimpingforzoëkravitzimsimpingforzoëkravitz8 dager siden
  • Polo im sorry but your never gonna be considered the "Greatest" 🤣

    Brandon 10Brandon 108 dager siden
  • How you say you cool with otf when you wit wooski

    Lacks RPSLacks RPS8 dager siden
  • He's a chill rapper

    Bby CloBby Clo9 dager siden
  • Is polo G related to lil tjay

    Yusuf ChoonaraYusuf Choonara9 dager siden

    GlockGlock TokieGlockGlock Tokie9 dager siden
  • Love polo's energy

    kiyoshi kiyoshi 9 dager siden
  • I love Pilates music is really good I love Pelosi’s music because polo G is like a pull up because

    Tierra LawsTierra Laws9 dager siden

    Sasha CardenasSasha Cardenas9 dager siden
  • who's here after the Hall Of Fame album

    dababy dadababy da9 dager siden
  • I can just already tell polo g funna be the in the top 10 or 20 by the end of his career ❤️

    LovelifeLovelife9 dager siden
  • "Where is polo gs next album" It's here pal

    Prod.KidnxtdoorProd.Kidnxtdoor9 dager siden
  • I guess we know when the album will drop.

    Aalamjeet GillAalamjeet Gill9 dager siden
  • Who’s here after Hall of fame dropped 🐐 🏆

    Mike LazzaroMike Lazzaro9 dager siden
  • Polo g is the goat 🐐

    Zhanar ShakhzadovZhanar Shakhzadov9 dager siden
  • these rappers be having the best skin idk why

    Miguel Lorenzo-PenaMiguel Lorenzo-Pena9 dager siden
  • Oh so who’s taurus bartlett then?

    Tsi TsiTsi Tsi9 dager siden
  • “Is Polo G left Handed?” Puts off the tab stick with this left hand 👍😂

    Kyra MorenaKyra Morena9 dager siden
  • As soon I saw the noti for the hall of fame album i clicked and litsened to every song

    ZuesZues10 dager siden
  • 3:46 had me dying 😂😂

    jaachelynjaachelyn10 dager siden
  • Polos brother goes insane

    A legendA legend10 dager siden
  • The 🐐

    Tyler TownsendTyler Townsend10 dager siden
  • I love how he has such high hopes for HIMSELF

    Xavier WhatleyXavier Whatley10 dager siden
  • Can you move back to the US please

    Trey TaylarTrey Taylar10 dager siden
  • The depressed save gully happen because paul isely bake like a nine banker. painful, ill-informed clarinet

    bgh ewsbgh ews11 dager siden
  • OK hear me out he looks like Travis Scott if you cut off the hair

    Jj gc GjmmkkkmsjdbJj gc Gjmmkkkmsjdb11 dager siden