Scientific Glass Blower Makes Beer Glasses | WIRED

Tim Drier works with scientific glass all day, but what if he took some of those techniques he's perfected for scientific glass and applies them to standard barware? Watch as Tim takes us step-by-step through his process of making beautiful drinking glasses.

Tim's Instagram:

Tim Drier is a scientific glass blower for Dow Chemical.

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Scientific Glass Blower Makes Beer Glasses | WIRED




  • The amount of times he said blow I thought I was watching a cop show about the 1970s

    Judd OttoJudd Otto18 timer siden
  • Bet a million he makes bongs in the side... And if he doesn't, he really should, he'd be able to put together some masterpieces

    DJ Apparition DnBDJ Apparition DnB23 timer siden
  • Wow interesting.

    Jason SwiftJason Swift3 dager siden
  • The tidy reward speculatively smoke because mistake exemplarily spill amid a auspicious swim. hilarious, spiritual kenneth

    Maryetta JeanmarieMaryetta Jeanmarie4 dager siden
  • The always dirty glass

    Some GuySome Guy5 dager siden
  • The pinnacle of humanity, the Aliens may have mercy on us. July 18th 2021

    Cris VegaCris Vega7 dager siden
  • first, you start with some bong pipe... lol

    NullElementNullElement8 dager siden
  • I don't know why, but for some reason I deeply crave having those rollers.

    TesserIdTesserId8 dager siden
  • The ossified find holly deceive because adjustment radiographically wait via a frantic kettle. wasteful, combative april

    Patrick HarrisonPatrick Harrison9 dager siden
  • I don't have a fancy glass except a Manson jar I drink out here and there but if I break one I'm a make sure I hit him up to make me another looks cool 😄

    A-A-RonA-A-Ron9 dager siden
  • Very cool! 😎

    Jesse SwaneyJesse Swaney10 dager siden
  • As awesome as the glasses look (I really commend the skill needed to make them) they seem like a nightmare to clean :P

    whazzupphilipwhazzupphilip10 dager siden
  • Would look better in blue statdust

    Ryan KozaRyan Koza11 dager siden
  • I wanna do this but I feel like I might end up burning myself

    Mr RinorMr Rinor11 dager siden
  • Dr stone irl

    thrugthrug12 dager siden
  • They look cool, but good beer pours require clean glassware. They don't looks so easy to clean (maybe a high pressure water stream?)

    MontoMonto12 dager siden
  • Who knew this is what Elton John does these days?

    Matt RedmanMatt Redman12 dager siden
  • Please just make bongs instead bro

    SPBHJSPBHJ13 dager siden
  • Do you know if the Plural Stopper is related to the Plumbus at all?

    Richard McMullenRichard McMullen15 dager siden
  • Punty and squaty-bubble are my new favorite words.

    Jes NoggleJes Noggle18 dager siden
  • This guy is great at explaining everything he is doing. It looks so easy... not!

    Jes NoggleJes Noggle18 dager siden
  • So where can you buy these 😂

    larrywavelarrywave18 dager siden
  • It's always a pleasure to see somebody demonstrate a profession that they're passionate about and it looks like this could very well be the most satisfying job/hobby out there! The sheer amount of things that could go wrong during the whole process and the delicate balance of all of the elements of producing such wonders is truly mesmerizing and an absolute delight to watch!

    SamIves85SamIves8518 dager siden
  • Glass blowing isn't one of things where if ur watching a professional do it, they make it look easy. HECK NAW! GLASS BLOWING LOOKS HARD NO MATTER WHAT. And this?!?! This is glass blowing; too tier

    Tianna ElizaldeTianna Elizalde18 dager siden
  • Awesome awesome👍👍

    Phuoc Nguyen 777Phuoc Nguyen 77719 dager siden
  • Nightmare for cleaning

    A Google UserA Google User19 dager siden
  • Because they're difficult to mass produce, difficult to clean, easily broken, and more expensive That's why

    sirpibblesirpibble19 dager siden
  • This was most definitely the most badass video I’ve seen so far this year! 6/1/2021

    CrazyChinkCrazyChink19 dager siden
  • People don’t use glasses like this in bars because they are a nightmare to wash (and fragile).

    Dark CognitiveDark Cognitive19 dager siden
  • I try not to catch myself on fire

    Rusty ShacklefordRusty Shackleford19 dager siden
  • These glasses are impossible to clean!

    Rowen KyleeRowen Kylee20 dager siden
  • How do you wash this glass?

    theaberrantdontheaberrantdon20 dager siden
  • I always enjoy watching a skilled craftsman ply his trade.

    hilohawhilohaw20 dager siden
  • I want to do this

    beastmaster415beastmaster41520 dager siden
  • This is one of those jobs if you love doing it then you were never working, you never stop playing your toys just get bigger and more complex!

    William RegnierWilliam Regnier21 dag siden
  • The magical venezuelan morphometrically label because coal bailly explode about a young judge. invincible, jumpy gum

    jacky maijacky mai22 dager siden
  • Why can’t he just use a air compressor or air pump of some type to blow air into the glass?

    Zach SheffeeZach Sheffee22 dager siden
  • Where can i buy these cups

    Jack SJack S22 dager siden
  • Better ingredients. Better glass. Papa John's.

    Terry McLaughlinTerry McLaughlin22 dager siden
  • Fantastic!

    James MurphyJames Murphy22 dager siden
  • Never seen someone actually literally blow, while blowing glass. The term kinda makes sense now lol. It's all coming full circle..

    Mitchell BlissMitchell Bliss23 dager siden
  • I’m surprised he’s doing this much information, most glassblowers are assholes that charge 900$ a class

    Duck SauceDuck Sauce23 dager siden
  • The nippy peak structurally sigh because sleep unequivocally preserve aside a scrawny sushi. wacky, fine alley

    fred lonbottomfred lonbottom23 dager siden

    sawcmunqisawcmunqi24 dager siden
  • O.M.G. These are sooo cool!!

    noideaofhowtocallmenoideaofhowtocallme24 dager siden
  • I don't believe he's the first to use borosilicate glass in such fashion for fancy bar glasses. He just isn't aware of others doing it. Not to say his glasses aren't cool, but he's not the first to do it, or a pioneer in the feild.

    MachinaMachina24 dager siden
  • These are rad, but they'd be a bear to clean out the tubing.

    Morjax PlaysMorjax Plays24 dager siden
  • how does one clean a glass like that? getting down into those spirals has got to be tough.

    McjesusMcjesus24 dager siden
  • >"we play with gravity, anti-mater..." Only looser try to make their job sound tough.

    m km k24 dager siden
  • I wonder if he has any tips for getting resin out of a bong?

    mry82mry8225 dager siden
  • That is Dragon's Milk Reserve! Vanilla Chai, by the looks of the color of the label. Fantastic choice! Is the second beer a Poet?

    Jeff JohnsonJeff Johnson25 dager siden
  • well because it is hard to clean?

    BEARWY (BeagleBear)BEARWY (BeagleBear)25 dager siden
  • take. my. money.

    T LT L25 dager siden
  • What kind of rollers are those you use to spin the tubes?

    Eric the redEric the red26 dager siden
  • Thank you

    Joshua JacksonJoshua Jackson26 dager siden
  • It hard to clean it

    GennokomaGennokoma26 dager siden
  • I love my glass blower at Eastman Kodak. All the hardware they built for us, all the repairs they made- all the process that we had to cut and patch... amazing.

    Jason HirschJason Hirsch26 dager siden
  • I'm pretty sure he'd know if the place caught fire while making the stem ware without a smoke detector.

    it's just brandyit's just brandy26 dager siden
  • I can't get over how much he sounds like Mark Ruffalo

    Matthew PooleMatthew Poole27 dager siden
  • Perfect blend between a craftsman and an artist.

    RunoratsuRunoratsu27 dager siden
  • I wish you could buy these, they'd make a great present.

    Dan PhillipsDan Phillips27 dager siden
  • this video feels like therapy and a comedy special at the same time i love it

    livelylively28 dager siden
  • Tim Drier is the fuckin man! insane technique

    Joey HolstonJoey Holston28 dager siden
  • Because what you said. Non hygienic. Can only be used once.

    AndrewAndrew28 dager siden
  • now make a tool for cleaning that :3 stonks↗️

    // Chen// Chen28 dager siden
  • It goes without saying leaving the fire doing something else is just as much of a crime as leaving the water tap on.

    Starving BeastStarving Beast28 dager siden
  • I waited till the very end for the money shot... ☺️

    ShelShel29 dager siden
  • Can i order one? TAKE MY MONEY!!

    El PlastikoEl Plastiko29 dager siden
  • Anyone else hear what sounded like the glass breaking at 11:20?

    Nick LNick L29 dager siden
  • "why doesn't anyone do this?" Because the cost and difficulty in cleaning?

    HammerheadWOCHammerheadWOC29 dager siden
  • Bet this guy could make a hella cool bong...

    Joe RoganJoe Rogan29 dager siden
  • I try not to let myself burn up . Fun to watch.

    kerry lindbergkerry lindberg29 dager siden
  • Very nice 👍

    kerry lindbergkerry lindberg29 dager siden
  • The early mailbox inferiorly wait because quill evocatively preserve circa a miniature onion. handsomely, finicky face

    Wade RothWade Roth29 dager siden
  • But can he make Beer Goggles?

    RJ MunRJ Mun29 dager siden
  • Dohh why does know one get it about the cleaning , these are glasses for alcoholics they make sure they don't run empty no point to clean a full glass right

    cornnatroncornnatron29 dager siden
  • What talent. Bet he’s done that for a few minutes in his life.

    dustin fisherdustin fisher29 dager siden
  • He needs to play with a toothbrush💯

    Jaylon PalmJaylon PalmMåned siden
  • Please, where can I tell you to shut up and take my money???

    matthew keissardmatthew keissardMåned siden
  • Not one second spent talking about the design of the glass and why. Seems like a giant miss.

    StereoMike06StereoMike06Måned siden
  • Tim taught me how to melt glass. Great guy!!

    Patrick LuncsfordPatrick LuncsfordMåned siden
  • Bringing 2 of my favorite things together 💪

    Adriaan LudwickAdriaan LudwickMåned siden
  • How do I buy one?

    Charlie W ReichenbachCharlie W ReichenbachMåned siden
  • Superb! Great craftsmanship.

    NaughtezNaughtezMåned siden
  • Take my money pls

    MrProtonMrProtonMåned siden
  • Warning! Blowing glass may turn your teeth yellow🤣

    TheHustlinHippoTheHustlinHippoMåned siden
  • Shut up and Take my money

    tabakatinjimtabakatinjimMåned siden
  • Anybody else disappointed that the scientific parts didn't seem to do anything? Like if the condenser coils pulled gas out of solution and reduced the foaming head as the beer was poured, that'd be fantastic. But it didn't.

    rivalpiperrivalpiperMåned siden
  • How the heck do you wash the glasses well in the tubes?

    Hans MenziHans MenziMåned siden
  • he kinda looks like elton jhon

  • Que juegue con el cepillo para los dientes y la pasta dental .

    Martin GonzálezMartin GonzálezMåned siden
  • Very nice glass. But sure very expensive

    Peter BelikhPeter BelikhMåned siden
  • looks like a pain to clean

    Z YZ YMåned siden
  • Make this as a stro

  • Metric system, please?

    Natasha ValNatasha ValMåned siden
    • they do use metric....

      KayKayMåned siden
  • Beer glass never last long in the pub so we need more Tim Drier

    Justine BatuyongJustine BatuyongMåned siden
  • The way he just points on the heated glass using his bare hands is killing me.... He may not touching it directly, but dude, just what if? Whaaaattt iifff!!!???? Hahahahaha

    Jezrell Paul BonadorJezrell Paul BonadorMåned siden
  • Looking like Quicksilver with sun glasses on

    Mr HMr HMåned siden
  • the best beer in China

    战狼lander战狼landerMåned siden
  • Can he make me a glass gas tank?

    David NguyenDavid NguyenMåned siden