SpongeBob's Tom Kenny & Bill Fagerbakke Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

'The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run' stars Tom Kenny and Bill Fagerbakke answer the internet's burning questions about themselves and the characters they play. What does Tom Kenny's voice actually sound like? How did Bill Fagerbakke get the role of Patrick Star? Who does Tom play in 'Rick and Morty'? Is Bill on Cameo? Tom and Bill answer all these questions and much more.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run is out now streaming on Paramount+.

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SpongeBob's Tom Kenny \u0026 Bill Fagerbakke Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED




  • 'The Mel Blanc of our day' ...woah what a great friend because that compliment is an honour of gigantic proportions

    xxPenjoxxxxPenjoxx8 timer siden
  • Wow SpongeBob's wife is plankton's wife 😂

    stevstev11 timer siden
  • does bill ever sing with mayonnaise he famous! He even sings Mayonassie! And he's quiet all the time :) ? :O

    Jervis-Jehan LaurentJervis-Jehan LaurentDag siden
  • I was hoping he’d do the ice king voice lol

    princeofpersiasands7princeofpersiasands7Dag siden
  • *spongebob is married to plankton's wife.*

    Alpaca Boi 7Alpaca Boi 7Dag siden
  • A huge fan of SpongeBob and I just heard that a Patrick show is coming

    Isaiah ShortIsaiah Short2 dager siden
  • Not gonna look through to see if anyone noticed this but when bill said his height he said “6, 6 and a half” so that would be 666 prove me wrong with a proper explanation please

    ShockyShocky3 dager siden
  • Totally amazing

    Jacob DroletJacob Drolet3 dager siden
  • Is it just me or does Tom Kenny look like a knock off of Tom hanks

    04Killer 0704Killer 074 dager siden
  • I have spongebob vans I love that show your voice makes it a classic

    Al3xthe Great07Al3xthe Great074 dager siden
  • Hearing Bill's real voice is super weird.

    SugewinSugewin4 dager siden
  • Spongebob and Karen are technically married

    The NexusThe Nexus4 dager siden
  • Is mayonaise an instrument

    Brian RamirezBrian Ramirez4 dager siden
  • When Tom's birthday comes next month. I'll be sure to like his birthday post.👍🏼

    Byron SteelByron Steel4 dager siden
  • I hope these 2 guys never die

    Jeremy 33Jeremy 335 dager siden
  • the way I wanna meet both of them 😭😭😭 they seem so cool!

    joycelinejoyceline5 dager siden
  • Really enjoyed this video :)

    Lesset C.Lesset C.5 dager siden
  • Everybody said he died and i believed it till now, I’m so happy 😩

    _dainia_dainia6 dager siden
  • Dauber and Patrick Starr are basically the same character...think about it

    awg6397awg63976 dager siden
  • I'm a goofy goober, yeah!

    Curtis LeBlancCurtis LeBlanc6 dager siden
  • Tom Kenny was Eduardo! :D

    Curtis LeBlancCurtis LeBlanc6 dager siden
  • NO WAY 😮 BAND GEEKS IS MY FAVORITE EPISODE TOO "BRING IT ON OLD MAN BRING IT ONN!!!!!!" Spongebob: "NNNOOO People...let's be smart and bring it OFF" 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💀💀💀

    home9dog2bluehome9dog2blue6 dager siden
  • respect... the 2 guys make our childhood memories into sunshine and rainbow, are around our parents age...

    Eleora LeongEleora Leong6 dager siden
  • Bill Fagerbakke with the Smashing Pumpkins shirt!

    Nehemiah ZoNehemiah Zo6 dager siden
  • Nice to see Marshall's dad being asked about is infamous voiceover

    Warl CheezerWarl Cheezer6 dager siden
  • I love them :)

    Whitney GWhitney G7 dager siden
  • When bill said he's 6' 6 and a half.. wen ur that tall wo cares about the half?! 😅 nice guys

    Ursula MUrsula M7 dager siden
  • I like how Tom Kenny loves his job just like Spongebob loves his job.

    RandomizerYRandomizerY7 dager siden
  • Bruh I never knew Tom Kenny was Eduardo

    Jake CJake C7 dager siden
  • When spongebob isn’t just an amazing person-

    Ally ValleyAlly Valley7 dager siden
  • My favorite episode is night shift !!!

    Olivier RevetOlivier Revet7 dager siden
  • Why are most voice actors old

    Genji WarriorGenji Warrior8 dager siden
  • I remember meeting Tom Kenny at palm springs comic Con

    KozamoKozamo8 dager siden
  • These Guys are legends😁

    frostyXhuntrfrostyXhuntr8 dager siden
  • Him saying, “Take a deep breath and sound comes out,” as Patrick made me lol because that’s exactly how Patrick would answer XD

    Sparky SummonsSparky Summons8 dager siden
  • The black glockenspiel medicinally care because hippopotamus ultrasonographically concern forenenst a fearful fearless system. gainful, obnoxious composer

    Jewish CircumcircleJewish Circumcircle8 dager siden
  • patrick is 6"5 very impressive

    RIP AND TEARRIP AND TEAR8 dager siden
  • I've never knew how many show these two are in especially Tom Kenny

    Doodle_NoodleDoodle_Noodle9 dager siden
  • OMFG HE WAS EDUARDO?!?!?!?!?

    AnAsianbr0skii21AnAsianbr0skii219 dager siden
  • i met tom kenny at a hotel bar during a comic con a few years ago. he was the nicest, most down to earth person ever!

    fabianfabian9 dager siden
  • Bill Fagerbakke was on Grey’s Anatomy 😄

    Kenna BennaKenna Benna9 dager siden
  • *When you share the same birthday with Tom Kenny*

    ChickenzruleChickenzrule9 dager siden

    Its_a_Spighet-togetherIts_a_Spighet-together9 dager siden
  • the pokemon question (and I just searched this up now) wasn't tom kenny, it was tom kenney, he was a producer for 6 episodes of pokemon. So it was an error or something.

    Golden EclipseGolden Eclipse9 dager siden
  • Just now realized me and Tom Kenny have the same birthday Mind has officially been blown😱🤯

    Jacky_luvcoookies ;-;Jacky_luvcoookies ;-;10 dager siden
  • Ah yes, the creators of humor

    Mr. DootMr. Doot10 dager siden
  • M-O-O-N. It's like you spells Fagerbakke.

    RafaelRafael10 dager siden
  • Bill was in “Unbelievable” it was weird seeing him in such a serious roll 😳

    HannersHanners10 dager siden
  • "Phil Bagergakke" 3:24

    coolindividual81coolindividual8110 dager siden
  • I love how Bill implies that he was almost named Sputnik Fagerbakke by his parents

    Shaun HShaun H10 dager siden
  • I love them.

    SAASAA11 dager siden
  • I love them

    Trinity JanousekTrinity Janousek11 dager siden

    k a m i LmLk a m i LmL11 dager siden
  • I take a big breath and sounds comes out 😂😂

    Emily McCubbinEmily McCubbin11 dager siden

    Frances Delos ReyesFrances Delos Reyes11 dager siden
  • So what I’m getting is Tom is a gagillionare this man is in all my favorite shows 🤧

    Makayla HawkinsMakayla Hawkins11 dager siden
  • The light cycle multivariably knock because icon allegedly zoom astride a grumpy tennis. filthy, auspicious coal

    Kevin Ten KateKevin Ten Kate11 dager siden
  • He voices in all my fav shows! Final space, Rick and morty, and even futurama ! Yes I’m adduced to sci-fi

    Enderlynx WillozeEnderlynx Willoze11 dager siden
  • He is Marshall Erikson father on HIMYM ❤️

    Athos Louis EscalanteAthos Louis Escalante11 dager siden

    rissayahhrissayahh11 dager siden
  • Oh my god YES EDUARDO

    Jacob LopezJacob Lopez12 dager siden
  • Tom Kenny was EDUARDO?! I used to love Foster’s.

    SquishosaurusSquishosaurus12 dager siden
  • 3:24 Phil Bogercocky

    Dark WhizkeyDark Whizkey12 dager siden
  • Who else likes Tom Kenny’s voice and his impressions

    Arthur MorganArthur Morgan12 dager siden
  • These two radiate such positivity it's no wonder they do so well in the world of children and those who are young at heart. I am thankful for them because without them a lot of my great childhood memories wouldn't exist. I still remember when they were showing commercials for the new upcoming show SpongeBob and I thought "a show about a sponge?? How ridiculous" and I was right. It was ridiculous, ridiculously funny!

    ReynaReyna12 dager siden
  • He actually looks like a person version of spongebob

    Cynthia ArrowsmithCynthia Arrowsmith12 dager siden
  • I didn't know it did he voice the person that say two hours later

    Aim pappyAim pappy13 dager siden
  • 2 icons of our time

    VglizzyVglizzy13 dager siden
  • I'm sorry but I have to say it: that dude's name is literally a mix of finger bang and bukkake.

    Devin CrumDevin Crum13 dager siden
  • So spongebob married Karen! Why did I not realize Patrick is on Coach 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    jessicaoddonejessicaoddone13 dager siden
  • Spongebob sounds like filthy frank or pink guy? Anybody else feels the same?

    Coochie SlayerCoochie Slayer14 dager siden
  • Was born in 1997 and grew up with spongebob and still watch it ahqhhqhq man its better when older and you get the joints out or scratch that you can show your kids the most gangsta show ever created yooo hands down 🙏🙏🙏💯💯

    YT-Blunt_ Magic211YT-Blunt_ Magic21114 dager siden
  • Bro Tom kenny you wore in every show I have watched when I was a kid frickin legend 🙏🙏

    YT-Blunt_ Magic211YT-Blunt_ Magic21114 dager siden
  • Bro tom kenny will forever be the best for Edwardo and for the ice king but spongebob is the lit

    YT-Blunt_ Magic211YT-Blunt_ Magic21114 dager siden
  • What if Tom Kenny did a video of him spending a day doing the spongebob voice

    CaitspaintsCaitspaints14 dager siden
    • That would be legendary.

      A Brick AboveA Brick Above6 dager siden
  • Wait tom was Eduardo?

    weasle minweasle min14 dager siden
  • Before these two I have never looked at any boomer and thought, "Bless them".

    mikah ongmikah ong14 dager siden
  • Spongebob stole Planktons girl yo

    Liam ThomasLiam Thomas14 dager siden
  • tom is literally every voice actor on the world

    FelicityFelicity14 dager siden
  • Love this duo!

    Unan1mouzUnan1mouz15 dager siden

    C CC C15 dager siden
  • I am a space geek and I feel like every video I watch has A word that is somehow related to aerospace

    Astro BradyAstro Brady15 dager siden
  • ive been sad for days but this helped

    sl1psk1sl1psk115 dager siden

    Giggle McGeeGiggle McGee15 dager siden
    • And Eduardo!?!?🤯

      Giggle McGeeGiggle McGee15 dager siden
  • I still remember Bill Fagerbakke on Coach. I had no idea he voiced Squidward.

    Kevin EatonKevin Eaton16 dager siden
  • “Well, I does it the way I do most voices....I take a deep breath, and sound comes out.” 😂😂😂😂

    Nate PittsNate Pitts16 dager siden
  • My dad went to the same college as Bill

    Reetus DiabetusReetus Diabetus16 dager siden
  • Bill looks like he'd be the most fun grandpa ever.

    AbelhawkAbelhawk16 dager siden
  • Imagine how Fagerbakke's kids would have felt like when they found out that their father voices someone on a phenomenal, iconic cartoon.

    Kirbz xdKirbz xd16 dager siden
    • Imagine being the one kid in your school who has to pretend Spongebob is lame.

      MyNameIsBucketMyNameIsBucket5 dager siden
    • They already have know it already

      Almadin, John ChristopherAlmadin, John Christopher7 dager siden
    • @chalkbox Yeah they obviously should know. I edited the comment for that reason.

      Kirbz xdKirbz xd13 dager siden
    • How wouldn’t they know?

      AntiTroll1000AntiTroll100014 dager siden
    • i feel like they know

      chalkboxchalkbox15 dager siden
  • Ngl tom looks different

    Patrick MahomesPatrick Mahomes16 dager siden
  • Even tho I don't watch the show anymore. These two will never lose the charm that they had ever since the pilot.

    Lyoko Comic DubsLyoko Comic Dubs16 dager siden
  • Tom Kenny also voice Babyface in Batman

    Depth StriderDepth Strider16 dager siden
  • "Tom Kenny is the Mel Blanc of our day." Couldn't agree more

    Jesse IvesJesse Ives17 dager siden
  • HE WAS EDWARDO???!!!!

    Layla CarringtonLayla Carrington17 dager siden
  • pog

    Just an ordinary catJust an ordinary cat17 dager siden
  • You two are the best! Best cartoon ever!

    RockyHorrorRockyHorror17 dager siden
  • This is the best video ever! I'm obsessed with spongebob! Have been since it came out

    RockyHorrorRockyHorror17 dager siden
  • Omg 😭 the purple monster Eduardo!

    Alisson_ WonderlandAlisson_ Wonderland17 dager siden
  • The smooth employee thankfully fix because connection intrinsically exist pace a amazing handball. reflective, bent rabbi

    Rosule KhodaRosule Khoda17 dager siden
  • He played Eduardo yo

    thief gamingthief gaming17 dager siden