The Simpsons’ Hank Azaria Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Hank Azaria takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet's most searched questions about himself. How do you pronounce Hank Azaria? Does Hank sing? How did he get started on 'The Simpsons'? Has he been nominated for an Academy Award? Hank answers all these questions and much more.

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The Simpsons’ Hank Azaria Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED




  • I will start to use “what the HankAzaria” as an affectation/expletive. Will report back results soon.

    DavinDavin20 minutter siden
  • I hear Professor Frink and Mo Sislak

    lostandwastedtimelostandwastedtimeDag siden
  • Hank is one of my favorite actors. One of those guys where you can watch an entire movie, see the credits roll, and say, "OH SH*T! That was Hank Azaria!?!?"

    Joe TaylorJoe Taylor2 dager siden
  • Homegrown!

    Joe TJoe T4 dager siden
  • actually Simpsons became a series in early 1990

    Larry ShaverLarry Shaver8 dager siden
  • I’ve seen him in a lot stuff but being david on friends is just my favourite

    Nadiah Nor RoslanNadiah Nor Roslan10 dager siden
  • The two june holoprosencephaly produce because mechanic concurringly suit plus a slippery scorpion. thinkable, wild dessert

    Matthew WaldmanMatthew Waldman11 dager siden
  • I love you so much and have done for most of my life. 💜

    Internal InfernoInternal Inferno13 dager siden
  • You can hear little bits of the Simpsons characters he voices in his Speech pattern. Especially Moe Sizlak and Chief Wiggum

    Andrew MainaAndrew Maina13 dager siden
  • He was forced to give up alcohol 14 years ago so he could become one of the aliens

    CT-_-Tr33l0v3r YTCT-_-Tr33l0v3r YT14 dager siden
  • is he the douchebag in Mystery, Alaska?

    im not your friend buddyim not your friend buddy14 dager siden
  • He seems a very nice guy.

    Samu TyrväinenSamu Tyrväinen14 dager siden
  • I hear Moe in his voice. idk how.

    Leni HaylettLeni Haylett14 dager siden
  • No question on being a sellout, whiner? Apologizing for offending people that AREN'T Offended, just to "make yourself look good"

    Ben MooreBen Moore15 dager siden
  • 5:46 Oh my god that is so cool!

    TheOnlyDogeTheOnlyDoge15 dager siden
  • I'm 13, but I will always love hank azaria

    TheOnlyDogeTheOnlyDoge15 dager siden
  • his normal speaking voice sounds like halfway between moe and chief wiggum

    iammaxhailmeiammaxhailme15 dager siden
  • Phoebe should’ve married David. Jmo.

    FaithnSinFaithnSin15 dager siden
  • I like Hank Azaria, but I heard he recently apologized for some of his past voice work....I think it was with the Simpsons. He shouldn't feel like he should have to apologize. I'm not a big Simpson's fan and I don't know who all he voiced, but I would imagine they were beloved characters that he brought life and personality to. It would be a shame if were were guilted by somebody or some organization to be made to feel bad for doing his job.

    Mark BrowningMark Browning15 dager siden
    • It was Apu, the Indian convenience store owner.

      Brian BrownBrian Brown14 dager siden
  • I'm gonna need a prin, after this.

    Moe WhitfieldMoe Whitfield15 dager siden
  • #Herman'sHead

    Jeff YJeff Y16 dager siden
  • I watched the mentos commercial just to balance out the universe

    secretsquirrelsecretsquirrel16 dager siden
  • Oh my god this guy was my childhood

    suji studiessuji studies16 dager siden
  • My favorite role of his: Bartok in Anastasia

    Andy GilleandAndy Gilleand16 dager siden
    • No smurfs

      Isaac ClarkeIsaac Clarke6 dager siden
    • Don't be Batty!

      MrParkerman6MrParkerman69 dager siden
  • its sad he cant do apu anymore bc of the assclown SJW's, i loved Apu and Moe, the most of his characters

    Spooker Red MenaceSpooker Red Menace16 dager siden
  • My favorite thing he was in was Quiz Show.

    Lynn TurmanLynn Turman17 dager siden
  • Hey, I have a little idea for you: Can you make a WIRED auto-complete with animated characters, like you did with Sesame Street characters and Kermit & Miss Piggy?

    Evyatar OlamiEvyatar Olami17 dager siden
    • Well, they wrote back. "Thank you so much for your suggestion! We will pass it along to the team for their consideration"

      Evyatar OlamiEvyatar Olami5 dager siden
    • A good idea, but you should probably message them on Facebook or Twitter; you’ve got a better chance of them reading it.

      The Man In The Long Black CoatThe Man In The Long Black Coat14 dager siden
  • I hope they find someone else to voice Apu.

    Ry Guy92Ry Guy9217 dager siden
  • I find him really talented. And I loved him in the birdcage. And I can listen to him talk all day

    Manuela haratonianManuela haratonian18 dager siden
  • I hear Moe

    Diogo MouraDiogo Moura18 dager siden
  • He was cool in Mystery Men

    Andrew CastorAndrew Castor18 dager siden
  • Agador Spartacus! 🤣

    David SmockDavid Smock18 dager siden
  • I absolutely hate that he bent over for the politically correct and cancel culture and is no longer voicing Apu

    1982Nightwing1982Nightwing18 dager siden
    • The writers stopped writing for him first. Long before the big explosion of controversy a couple years ago.

      T IrvineT Irvine18 dager siden
  • to be honest Gargamel is by far a more classic and famous character than ant-man. no bad vibe for ant-man but if you would ask actors: who do you want to play: a random marvel super hero or one of the classic evil characters that every kid knows? And Hank did a phantastic Gargamel.

    Bernhard GüntherBernhard Günther18 dager siden
    • Gargamel is only really known by us adults though. None of my high school students know who that is and they all know Ant-Man

      Ryan BurkettRyan Burkett15 dager siden
  • I know it's not his favorite role but I loved him in the 90s Godzilla movie.

    WickedWood04WickedWood0418 dager siden
    • It's Go-JEE-ra you MO-ron!

      Elijah CeeElijah Cee11 dager siden
  • I want to watch and more video👍👍👍

    Phuoc Nguyen 777Phuoc Nguyen 77719 dager siden
  • Funny, funny stuff, big fan Frank.

    Linda MuvicLinda Muvic19 dager siden
  • Who else misses Apu?

    Thomas BaileyThomas Bailey19 dager siden
  • I liked this one

    Nicolaas VandenbergNicolaas Vandenberg19 dager siden
  • It's the Lorne Michaels impression for me 😂

    Isoa KavakimotuIsoa Kavakimotu19 dager siden
  • I hear frank Grimes

    HaxMcGeeHaxMcGee19 dager siden

    RICHY J MOVIES 2021RICHY J MOVIES 202120 dager siden
  • He lowkey looks like *MOE* as well 💀 😭 😂 🤞

  • He failed to mention he was in Pretty Woman

    Orla KellyOrla Kelly20 dager siden
  • The fact that he he hoped to end up with Phoebe.....that's kinda sad :(

    Diva AlfirmanDiva Alfirman20 dager siden
    • @Marie Whitbread WRITERS decide who gets together, not producers.

      MrParkerman6MrParkerman69 dager siden
    • What's even sadder is that the producers had always intended for phoebe and David to end up together but it seems that Mike was a little more popular with viewers than David was

      Marie WhitbreadMarie Whitbread14 dager siden
  • He was also in Godzilla

    Master of PuppetsMaster of Puppets21 dag siden
  • He sounds like Hank Azaria

    Master of PuppetsMaster of Puppets21 dag siden
  • Please let him host snl

    PoppletronPoppletron21 dag siden
  • Does Hank Azaria own a decent web cam? Kidding love the Simpson’s.

    viclr33viclr3321 dag siden
  • I hear Moe trying to surface :D

    Ferlan LebradoFerlan Lebrado22 dager siden
  • feeble loser

    Richard 303Richard 30328 dager siden
  • .

    Daniel NussbaumDaniel Nussbaum29 dager siden
  • Forest hills represent!

    LiluLilu29 dager siden
  • D xb

    MM29 dager siden
  • He's no longer Apu. Thank you, come again. NOT!

    theneounknowntheneounknownMåned siden
  • I think he's a coward for quitting apu

    nathan alvaradonathan alvaradoMåned siden
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    James MalverickJames MalverickMåned siden
    • Many people don't have that self esteem, they don't believe in themselves.They always allow friends or relative to direct their thoughts.

      Zack YoZack YoMåned siden
    • Many people fail to understand that the More you fill your through with something positive, your life will become positive.

      Evelyn WaterEvelyn WaterMåned siden
    • I have always have a positive thinking believing that one day I'm gonna be. Someone great.

      Michael JohnMichael JohnMåned siden
  • You can hear Gary Chalmers in his usual voice haha

    K McGK McGMåned siden
  • Everybody that does this acts like they got tricked into it

    AndyAndyMåned siden
  • y'all need to do this with the one chicago cast!!

    itz Fleuritz FleurMåned siden
  • Phonetic Spanish written in Hebrew characters..... learn something new everyday!!! That is very interesting!!!

    MelzMelzMåned siden
  • Omg what is gargamel doin there?

    ❄JakeFrozt❄❄JakeFrozt❄Måned siden
  • Please bring him back for the Spamalot movie!! 💯💯

    BeaBeaMåned siden
  • God loves y’all ✝️💕

    isabellaisabellaMåned siden
  • I fell in love with you watching Godzilla ❤️😘

    Fae DoyleFae DoyleMåned siden
  • * answering the top asked questions on google * the answer is too long you should google that 😂

    Jessica FreebornJessica FreebornMåned siden
  • Thumbnail 🤣

    Black VelvetBlack VelvetMåned siden
  • he sounds the most like comic book guy

    nameless identitynameless identityMåned siden
  • he looks so nice I want to meet him one day.

    Daniel BoudarovDaniel BoudarovMåned siden
  • When are we going to have angelina jolie?

    Tatiana GarciaTatiana GarciaMåned siden
  • Little known fact - he made a cameo as a cop on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" back in season two of the show; and was on "Herman's Head" - one of FOX's old sitcoms that also had his friend and co-star, the voice of Lisa Simpson, Yeardley Smith.

    Ultimate Ultra RaydenUltimate Ultra RaydenMåned siden
    • @MrParkerman6 first off, don't call me that, second, I been a fan of him since the early nineties and third, shut up you dumb ****!

      Ultimate Ultra RaydenUltimate Ultra Rayden9 dager siden
    • Neither of those are little known, dumbass. Those are widely known.

      MrParkerman6MrParkerman69 dager siden
  • Always a night at the museum legend

    Predators HockeyPredators HockeyMåned siden

    JustAPerceptionJustAPerceptionMåned siden
  • Hi Hank, I have a question for you. If you "feel the need to personally apologize to every Indian" because of Apu, would you give them the money you earned for playing Apu or are you just conforming to the perpetually outraged twitter mob? Thank you.

    AndyAndyMåned siden
    • I grew up around Indians and the only ones I've seen offended by Apu are a bunch of middle to upper class millennial women who are self proclaimed "feminists" and like one or two Indian people.

      Not So Average SlovenianNot So Average SlovenianMåned siden
  • He is spineless.

    DEEKDEEKMåned siden
  • Riveting questions

    Matthew DreischMatthew DreischMåned siden
  • Bring back Apu

    FlyOnTheWallFlyOnTheWallMåned siden
  • Does hank azaria hate mike?

    Jyotideep DuttaJyotideep DuttaMåned siden
  • ...Say Godzilla

    LiamLiamMåned siden
  • Seems so happy to talk about his wife ❤️

    None NoneNone NoneMåned siden
    • Yet he never mentioned he dated and was Married to Helen Hunt.

      MrParkerman6MrParkerman69 dager siden
  • Minsk

    Pamelia YuliantoPamelia YuliantoMåned siden
  • ᴵᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ

    FaZe GabeFaZe GabeMåned siden
  • Literally my favorite character in Godzilla 2000

    Fabian OrtegaFabian OrtegaMåned siden
  • Is it true that to become an astronauts you have to go through 15 years of training just to have a small chance to become a real astronaut?

    QrizyQrizyMåned siden
  • I’ve always been such a fan of his since childhood and now that I’m pass 30, I find him attractive. He has aged very well.

    P TP TMåned siden
  • You're a super talented guy! I'd have to say Brockmire is my favorite, but your ideas are brilliant for all of your characters. Thank you!

    Jon BlondellJon BlondellMåned siden
  • Mystery men forever

    Sam WhiteSam WhiteMåned siden
  • Do one with Bebe Rexha!!!

    Ернест КовтунЕрнест КовтунMåned siden
  • He gets the show.

    Jabba the HutchJabba the HutchMåned siden
  • These guys made a video with the mortician answering morbid questions, and it is their most viewed video in a day. I mean ffs, the dudes made a video with the guy answering question like "do you clean dead people poo" and "how does a dead body smell like". Thats like the most f-ed up thing on the youtube for me

    RazielRazielMåned siden
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      HaxMcGeeHaxMcGee19 dager siden
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      Filip PoposkiFilip PoposkiMåned siden
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  • Huff!

    R sscR sscMåned siden
  • "Does Hank Azaria have parkinsons disease" 😂

    TMgamingTMgamingMåned siden
  • looks great at 57! "I cannot wear shoes. They make me fall down."

    Rebecca GibbsRebecca GibbsMåned siden
  • Didn't follow the "Apu stuff of late" but really loved voice actors especially people like Hank... just sad that a lot of "woke people" now want "stereotypes" gone... aren't stereotypes just that?!? Racist in their own ways?!? If cancel culture has it's way everyone should be mindless meat slabs... no tragedy... nothing.... one can no longer be not male or female either... no one can be an addict... one should only be one emotion... you can't walk if you also drive... you can't use solar with batteries... you can't be vegan and live out of a house that's made by meat eaters... the list goes on.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Bailey ConnersBailey ConnersMåned siden
  • "Does Hank Azaria have a better Camera" Haha..seriously though?

    pipster06pipster06Måned siden
  • You can tell how smart a person is by how they answer the question "what is doing now" Of course, we know that you are recording an interview, but that is not what the question meant, is it? Hank did it right here.

    AaruniAaruniMåned siden
    • Yes, you are very right

      Vishal MishraVishal MishraMåned siden
  • what character does his normal voice sound most like?

    RadnedgeRadnedgeMåned siden
  • Cancel culture is a woke cancer.

    David AmatDavid AmatMåned siden
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