U.S. - China Relations, Explained | WIRED

Michael Beckley, an associate professor of political science at Tufts University, goes over some common myths and facts about US and China relations. Are The United States and China destined for war? Is China surveilling U.S. data? Is the Chinese government about to collapse?

Check out Michael's book: www.amazon.com/Unrivaled-Amer...

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U.S. - China Relations, Explained | WIRED




  • America, please don't slap yourself in the face. China will not be isolated by the international community. Do you dare to say that COVID was not discovered in the United States? Because the United States wants to use biological and chemical weapons to intimidate China's sovereignty over Hong Kong? is it? is it? You will not suffer. Hong Kong is China's Hong Kong, not the West's Hong Kong. What if Hong Kong is democratic? I believe Hong Kong will be over. In addition, COVID has always been the birthplace of the United States. This biological and chemical weapon is enough to torture Hong Kong, the Chinese people around the world for a full year, and harm the world? Interfere in China's internal affairs? Take a look at what good things have been done in your own country? Curse Hong Kong, China, North Korea, Russia, Iran? Do you dare to bully these countries? You will have retribution. Also, don't think that you American Biden is very arrogant? Our President Xi has never admitted that he will treat you as a friend. If you anger him? At your own risk. In short, the United States stops interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, including Hong Kong affairs.

    Wang WangWang Wang50 minutter siden
  • USA is stronger

    black manblack man17 timer siden
  • Ggggg

    black manblack man17 timer siden
  • if US education system has this kind of professors ...good luck :)

    Jahangir KhanJahangir Khan23 timer siden
  • This guy's arguments are straight up text book, establishment, propaganda... and they are jokes... If americans continue to be lulled by false experts like this, no wonder the country is headed to implosion... So sad.

    Shabu ShabuShabu Shabu2 dager siden
  • you look like a typical university graduate moron. if you want to win china, deep dive and learn a bit more.

    Conservative SpeakerConservative Speaker4 dager siden
  • CCP china is a number 1 threat of the world

    Bhuvanesh s.kBhuvanesh s.k5 dager siden
  • US policy on China resembles a bull in a china shop...

    JayJay5 dager siden
  • The wild kick supply groan because exclamation temporarily bake upon a spiteful bra. finicky, hoc climb

    Maria RodriguezMaria Rodriguez5 dager siden
  • They took Americas darkest secrets. What would that be? USA gringo criminal activity? That is what they were looking up and still do. Good for China.

    Common SenseCommon Sense5 dager siden
  • There will be no war between China vs USA because USA will be self destructed in five years by the Demoncrate party.

    khunshawkhunshaw6 dager siden
  • Lol, democracy in usa? stop farting,k

    ebbb ටebbb ට6 dager siden
  • China must be destroyed; that's only way for humanity to survive.

    Honze MangoHonze Mango7 dager siden
  • This video is ridiculous. Why dont he mention all the other countries, and our own gov, hacking U.S., also there is no reason for anyone to fight over Taiwan, just let China have it. The Taiwanese people know what time it is. In fact i bet the only people concerned for Taiwan are the bankers and big Corp. $300 billion per year in exports of every cheap piece of crap made is going to upset them. Same with H.K., it Wouldn't be suprising if the Brits have their hand in the pie on this one. They should have a hard time finding any soldiers willing to fight for laptops, semiconductors, and Bubble Tea.

    P JP J8 dager siden
    • Well because if we allow Taiwan to be taken it would make the US lose reputation

      Big daddy WarcrimesBig daddy Warcrimes6 dager siden
  • and US censor the world.

    晴阳晴阳8 dager siden
  • Yes, US want a one open global internet, but need be ruled by US~ US want democracy, but they are learning and talking china every seconds, looks like without china they don't know what's the use of their mouth.

    晴阳晴阳8 dager siden
  • I'm Chinese, and I was curious about how many people really believe this man's saying? Can't believe this guy is a professor, is he paid for saying this?

    何元帅何元帅8 dager siden
  • The US must build stronger relations with China, as the world moves towards an unknown future. The US must not take the highly dangerous and irresponsible Trump approach of blaming China for everything. A new world reality will play out over this century and its full of unknowns, but peace is paramount. World leaders have a moral duty to lay down foundations for excellent relations, and that includes China. The Chinese Communist Party must drop all demands for governing Taiwan, they need to understand the self governing right of Taiwan.

    bixxybearbixxybear8 dager siden
  • Let me break it down for you: China is the enemy of democracies and you know it.

    danieldjzdanieldjz9 dager siden
  • I read so many anti American comments here but find it funny those people would hate everything China is fighting for as well. Pick a side. You are either pro China or pro America in this next century.

    Someone NewSomeone New10 dager siden
    • Anti US = anti OWO

      Steve LawSteve Law7 dager siden
  • USA is NOT a democracy.....this is a fatal misdefinition of USA which actually has all the traits and characters of a PLUTOCRACY.

    K H TanK H Tan10 dager siden
  • The USA are peacekeepers not a threat to world peace!

    Er SmEr Sm10 dager siden
  • Death to American imperialism empire regime long live China 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳 American government regime are the real dictator

    NADEER farahNADEER farah11 dager siden
  • The U.S.A are a Republic !

    Alvaro jr CalvilloAlvaro jr Calvillo11 dager siden
  • US is number 1 to know how to spy!

    Simon RobbieSimon Robbie12 dager siden
  • Acknowledging China's aggressiveness isn't meant to be anti-asian. Taiwan, Japan and South Korea can back that sentiment.

    Gregroy ThompsonGregroy Thompson12 dager siden
    • If China is aggressive, what is USA behaviour?

      K H TanK H Tan10 dager siden
  • Automations or manual works

    San AmitahSan Amitah12 dager siden
  • The USA is a democracy?!?! Really?! What a joke! But academic political scientists are the most ignorant about political reality. Brainwashed fools.

    Steven YourkeSteven Yourke12 dager siden
  • Not every issue carries the same weight. In International Politics, Climate issue is only relevant when major Powers want it to be. On the other hand, geopolitical positioning including enhancing military capabilities and forming networks is a far more important priority.

    Kien Wen ChangKien Wen Chang12 dager siden
  • "US is a democracy" yeah sure 😂

    Vladimir ZlatanovicVladimir Zlatanovic13 dager siden
  • United States is a democracy 😳😂😂😂... wonder in which world this Michael lives and why he presumes all living outside US are di.k heads 🤔

    Badar KhanBadar Khan13 dager siden
  • One major difference is that the US trying to preach its system and values to other countries, while China is implementing what they believe is right for China, with no intention whatsoever pushing anything to any other country. But Americans tend to think of other countries with a typical American mentality, so they think China wants to change other countries systems as well. China is only minding its own business.

    Roddick ZhaoRoddick Zhao14 dager siden
    • natedog805402 What's really sad is that most Americans have never been out of the country, knowing nothing about the real outside world. All they know is what FOX or CNN puts in their head. The US government on the one hand out there bullying other countries, killing innocent people, and on the other hand brainwashes its own people, portraying a justice image which is absolutely fake, and killing its own people as well. Everyone outside the country knows about the truths but its own people. Just think about it, why does every country the US is trying to "help gain democracy" happen to have oil? Stop fooling yourself. We all know what the wars are about.

      Roddick ZhaoRoddick Zhao13 dager siden
    • @Roddick Zhao see you out there clown. I'll be there, may the best man win. Better hope you don't run out of dog meat

      natedog805402natedog80540213 dager siden
    • natedog805402 You are right, most of the world doesn't like what the US is doing, one the one hand starting wars everywhere killing millions of innocent people, bullying its allies, suppressing its competitors using shameless measures, and trying to the world police accusing other countries with no evidence whatsoever. But this will come to an end, just a matter of time.

      Roddick ZhaoRoddick Zhao13 dager siden
    • That's like saying let's just sit here while Hitler does what he does. "He's just minding his own business" they may not be as bad, but if most of the world doesn't like what you're doing, expect to get checked. How the world has been and will be

      natedog805402natedog80540213 dager siden
  • Lol this guy is. Early biased against china. Everything china is ahead in he has to make some disparaging comment about why China is going to lose in the end even if it's ahead now. He claims china is not superpower but then talks about money and how they can spend it. But he doesn't mention hoe China has belt and road, trillion + dollar investment splurge, while USA tried to come up with a counter to BRI, yet can't even pull out one billion for investment in the whole world, whereas China spends multiple billions for one country alone. USA is wasting all its money on dumb wars which only destroy its credibility with that country and the region/world, ins comes in after and builds it up and helps them develop while USA leaves a destroyed place and runs away after looting. Yeah, I'm sure these countries and the world are really looking up to USAs "message" and are really enjoying the democracy and freedom bombs USA brought them. This guy is like a less crazy Gordon Chang. Like he talks normal and says all the right things and is logical for 99%, but then for his answer he disregards the 99> of things he just referenced and instead just makes up his own conclusion that's anti China. It's quite hilarious the mental gymnastics you have to do. I bet he's getting paid a pretty penny for his anti China views and comments, just like Gordon Chang. Did he write an anti China book lately? His whole career is probably based just on being anti China I'm guessing.. Lmao

    ex0duzzex0duzz14 dager siden
  • Is decoupling good for humanity? Doubt it.

    Flag UnitFlag Unit14 dager siden
  • Save Taiwan, Hongkong, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia Myanmar and Africa! 🙏🏼🇺🇸

    TeAm ShUkiTeAm ShUki14 dager siden
  • “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” - Albert Einstein Oh, that's great. If human decline to the point where they have to fight with sticks and stones, then we china can easily conquer the entire world--------Especially the USA. In this case, ww3 is not so bad.

    wei wangwei wang15 dager siden
    • @Fig Baggot with crabs I REALLY don't want war. China REALLY doesn't want war. But America REALLY loves war. If the USA really wants a war, China will give it a nice and horrorible war - and a genocide. That's what it is. It's just a matter of fact.

      wei wangwei wang11 dager siden
    • Why do you want war? Nationalists make me sick.

      Fig Baggot with crabsFig Baggot with crabs13 dager siden
  • Usofa used to be a democratic country but not anymore, it is heading towards plutocracy.

    EP TANEP TAN15 dager siden
  • The U.S.A Must Arm Taiwan with Multiple Supersonic Nuclear Missiles,Aim to Totally Annihilate the Mainland China!

    Noel DorosanNoel Dorosan15 dager siden
  • Communism is evil.

    Lucius KiirusLucius Kiirus16 dager siden
  • Nice overview!! Really enjoyed it!

    linda7264linda726416 dager siden
  • Make china great again

    Clarence MacaroonsClarence Macaroons16 dager siden
  • The dollar days are number as the worlds reserve currency. And he’s wrong on China having one alliance. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shanghai_Cooperation_Organisation

    polyverse1polyverse117 dager siden
    • All in all though his analysis makes quite a lot of sense and depicts the real geopolitical condition among the two powers!

      linda7264linda726416 dager siden
  • Propaganda against China again & again👎🏼

    313 الشمري313 الشمري18 dager siden
  • *West Philippine Sea

    Carlos CallaoCarlos Callao18 dager siden
  • Your country America is dumb

    Ashish kumar SharmaAshish kumar Sharma18 dager siden
  • There also another 2 types of people, those whose data has been hacked by US and those who don't know

    Charles WongCharles Wong18 dager siden
  • I think this chap is a mixed race of Eurasian mixture but has a self-hatred issue on his Asian part…..

    Yiani ZhangYiani Zhang18 dager siden
  • China doesn’t stand a chance against the United States of America military.

    Er SmEr Sm19 dager siden
  • I’ll give you the most simple definition China is run by a bunch of stinking drunk bag communist this is a democracy and trying to better watch their step because if they don’t they’re gonna get their asses handed to them!

    Er SmEr Sm19 dager siden
  • The US isn't democratic, so we're already off to a poor start here. At least get that part right first.

    TheLastSliceOfPieTheLastSliceOfPie20 dager siden
    • @Kuro Nikou What country is this? I dont like America, but you guys are delusional and entitled. No country is better 😒. Youre not cool for being an anti american. If you're sarcastic, then the joke is on me.

      Living ColdLiving Cold15 dager siden
    • @Living Cold My country is the best ofcourse! What? You thought I'll prefer America over my country?

      Kuro NikouKuro Nikou15 dager siden
    • @Kuro Nikou Being an anti american is such a toxic force. The media only talks negativity, and you come in for it. What country is even better than the USA? It seems like many countries have failed and declinced.

      Living ColdLiving Cold15 dager siden
    • @Kuro Nikou Imagine how many countries made US start wars. Nope, apparently, it's the US's fault. We are afraid of countries because they dragged the US into wars. We want allies. But our paranoia makes us fuel hatred.

      Living ColdLiving Cold15 dager siden
    • @Living Cold "US wants to try making allies" By bombing a region on the Middle East year after year?

      Kuro NikouKuro Nikou15 dager siden
  • ah yes capitalist propaganda :DDDD

    saltedfriessaltedfries20 dager siden
  • so many false claims. if TikTok can be spyware a click away, THEN how about Microsoft Windows system used by millions of government agencies in China. should China be worried at all? this video is just ridiculous....

    Pan ZhengPan Zheng20 dager siden
  • when you simply said "China is autocracy", it shows that you do not even deserve to do any research in your field...not sure why such a biased person can teach in a university...

    Pan ZhengPan Zheng20 dager siden
    • fully agree, there is never any mention of the consistent infighting within the ccp on major issues, which - in essence - is democratic

      saltedfriessaltedfries20 dager siden
  • As if the US is a democratic country with free people

    Live SovereignLive Sovereign20 dager siden
    • Stop being a china worshipper. I hate how people think it's cool to be negative to US and act like they know everything for constantly ranting about its problems.

      Living ColdLiving Cold18 dager siden
    • Plz stop. Anti Americans are trash.

      Living ColdLiving Cold18 dager siden
  • Wrong title. The right title should be: US Plutocracy vs China Social Capitalism

    Breezy BreezyBreezy Breezy20 dager siden
  • They stole everyones DNA

    Jender E. ArevaloJender E. Arevalo21 dag siden
  • Calling the US a democracy in such simple terms is extremely silly. Princeton university has a reseaech paper that shows that public opinion in the US has a statically insignificant effect on policy outcomes, even as said support approaches 90% amongst the public, whereas special interest views are reflected almost perfectly in policy outcomes. The US has beem drifting in a Russian style oligarchy direction since Regan.

    Bashar KanoBashar Kano21 dag siden
    • @Bustaa NNut Here's the study: scholar.princeton.edu/sites/default/files/mgilens/files/gilens_and_page_2014_-testing_theories_of_american_politics.doc.pdf You can also find a lot of articles about the study, just google Princeton university american oligarchy.

      Bashar KanoBashar Kano17 dager siden
    • Link

      Bustaa NNutBustaa NNut17 dager siden
  • I just finished the video and I can I have not looked at the comments yet. I can only imagine how butt hurt people are about to be below.

    Antares1997Antares199722 dager siden
  • This man is a well disguised CCP puppet.

    RunRun22 dager siden
  • Wired is heavily biased www.wired.com/story/gab-hack-data-breach-ddosecrets/

    Michael DMichael D22 dager siden
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    Rsr ScıRsr Scı22 dager siden
  • So much crap with this guy’s speech…

    Let Truth Be ToldLet Truth Be Told24 dager siden
    • For real😂

      Thundertech MediaThundertech Media22 dager siden
  • How about the prism project, dude. The US listens to all your devices through the major IT companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon.

    Let Truth Be ToldLet Truth Be Told24 dager siden
    • @Mr Reedling I think that's a very generalized statement. It really depends on what kind of information are you not comfortable with sharing with government. I don't think US government does not maintain a database of SSNs, identity infos, individual background etc. Intelligence agencies maintain an even broader cluster of data. This is no different in any country.

      Yihao LiuYihao Liu19 dager siden
    • The difference with the us and china is that the information china collects goes straight to the goverment while the us doesnt

      Mr ReedlingMr Reedling19 dager siden
    • @David Ahmad most people just use vpn’s in China and the government doesn’t care enough to actually enforce it.

      Manu FernandezManu Fernandez19 dager siden
    • @David Ahmad censorship yes. Spying no (but sure, debatable). Censorship is like a thing that everyone knows about and everyone talks about. Most people hate it but most people think it’s necessary. The author is right about “different visions” but it’s extremely exaggerated to an extend where George Orwell’s big brother. Just my opinion

      Yihao LiuYihao Liu20 dager siden
    • @David Ahmad wait.... I literally can tho....

      Yihao LiuYihao Liu20 dager siden
  • Good to hear Falungong cults are doing well in US. You deserve it.

    Franco ZhengFranco Zheng24 dager siden
  • The U.S is a terrorist organisation that overthrows governments and kills innocent people for its own interests. China is also a terrorist organisation based on what it's doing against the Chinese Uyghur Muslims.

    xXMaster97XxxXMaster97Xx24 dager siden
  • America is a slave to Chinese money

    s CCcccs CCccc24 dager siden
  • US is simply the lesser of two evils.

    Neil knightleyNeil knightley25 dager siden
  • Wait ...the US is still a democracy? 🤯..it's not even in the top 20 🤣

    nothing humannothing human25 dager siden
    • @Big Boss wait you didn't write my name so it probably wasn't directed at me sorry

      Jya ManuJya ManuDag siden
    • @Big Boss ok

      Jya ManuJya ManuDag siden
    • Shut up Chinese bot

      Big BossBig BossDag siden
    • Good

      Kevin FreemanKevin Freeman8 dager siden
    • When you’re taught the values in which the US was founded upon, and then realize that this was more than 200 years ago and the system hasn’t decided to update itself yet

      Jya ManuJya Manu18 dager siden
  • The title should be US Oligarchs vs China Autocrats

    DavidDavid26 dager siden
    • @Live Sovereign No

      Hunter FlowersonHunter Flowerson13 dager siden
    • Correction- US oligarchs and their CCP partners.

      Live SovereignLive Sovereign20 dager siden
    • true lmao

      bananapalmtreebananapalmtree24 dager siden
  • This professor is brainwashed by the US propaganda since the day he was born. I found that the older generation of Americans understand the China-US conflicts must better the brainwashed younger generation. When Will China Be the World's Most Powerful Country | Interview With Martin Jacques nocds.info/border/video/X5emhGyFl2abYK0

    HYC 126HYC 12626 dager siden
  • Compare these two countries' slogans by their presidents/leaders. US: "American Great. American First" (meaning the US will get everything first, the rest of the world can suffer. The US doesn't care.) China: "Community of shared future for mankind" (meaning everyone shares the world's resources and supports each other to build a better future.)

    HYC 126HYC 12626 dager siden
  • This asian looking dude has no clue about China geopolitics.

    LeoLeo26 dager siden
  • AMERICA is not a DEMOCRACY but a REPUBLIC. Jeez when will people learn.

    OldMonkOldMonk26 dager siden
    • close enough

      Combat MuffinCombat Muffin26 dager siden
  • 10:32 Blocs vs BLOCKS

    Jason FoksJason Foks26 dager siden
  • USA is the biggest internet hacker in the world. Remember Edward Snowden etc. Don't blame China. Period

    Boarlaw Attorneys At LawBoarlaw Attorneys At Law26 dager siden
  • This is a great video. Easy to remember! US is good, China is bad. Let's pay our taxes so that the military industrial complex can make more bombs. Let our sons and daughters join the crusades against the evil eastern empire. Many will die, but at least they die fighting for freedom.

    VelastineVelastine27 dager siden
  • “U.S wants an open (uncensored) internet” … yeah about that. Google,(youtube), Facebook, Twitter and their minions do not agree and the current U.S. politicians are siding with them.

    GRAPHIC JGRAPHIC J27 dager siden
    • They’re in the minority though. No one wants to dispute that in the US, it must always be acceptable to openly criticize the president, his/her administration, politicians, government officials, etc. This has never been the case in China; it’s why the Great Firewall exists. The way for the CCP to remain in power is to keep its citizens ignorant. Covering up Tiananmen Square is just one example of how the internet is used as a weapon in China, whereas in the US, any citizen can go online and look up the atrocities America has inflicted on other countries (staged coups, invasions, war crimes, etc.)

      squares4usquares4u25 dager siden
  • North Korea is not the only allie of china. What about the many countries in Africa China is investing in. The Balkans 17+1. Or russia

    DejanDejan27 dager siden
    • North korea is the only official ally.

      Combat MuffinCombat Muffin26 dager siden
  • the wumao’s are on full force in this comment section

    PhantonPhanton27 dager siden
  • THE US govt has your data too!

    CryptoInsiderCryptoInsider28 dager siden
  • China is the "young dragon" and the US is the "old man".

    John ArringtonJohn Arrington29 dager siden
    • USA what goes up must come down

      Fan WangFan Wang27 dager siden
  • 没想到美国还有能冷静看待中国的媒体

    huang xiao_yanghuang xiao_yang29 dager siden
  • Why does he look half Chinese?

    Paul Keni EmilePaul Keni EmileMåned siden
  • I wish that china would actullay become a democracy

    KakyoinKakyoinMåned siden
  • Hehehehheeh little does China know my data IS USLESS TO THEM HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    salmonsalmonMåned siden
  • :(

    Kewl BoiKewl BoiMåned siden
  • China can't really land many forces, they woud have to use civilian ships to land in taiwan successfully, and even if they do taiwan is extremely secured,if all landings by china get exhausted enough it will be a standstill.

    Daniil GolevtsovDaniil GolevtsovMåned siden
  • This guy look like an agent of pcc softly trying to defend comunism.....

    Odisseo OdisseoOdisseo OdisseoMåned siden
  • “China’s only ally is north Korea.” North Korea is a country that every Chinese person will laugh at. I’m so impressed by the stupidity of the video. The content is seriously made by someone who has no idea about China and deeply poisoned by conspiracy theory. The knowledge feeds this video is so US centered and narrow sighted. I can’t believe this is on WIRED. To those people who believe in this video. Please TRAVEL. please learn another language. Please don’t live in your own small world. Cant stand these stupidity anymore.

    Cheryl Cheryl Måned siden
    • Well they both need each other in a way so it forces them to be allies. North Korea is a buffer zone for the South, and China is the only reason why North Korea even exists.

      Bladed NinjaBladed Ninja28 dager siden
  • Extremely racist biased view, in which US, the mass genocide of American Indians and Muslims in the Middle East, is shown as hero and savior of the world. The professor obviously did not read anything on China’s 5000 years of history or culture, or the Opium war, or the colonization by Japan and Western countries, or how Taiwan was separated. It’s entirely okay to be proud of being American and democratic, but it’s not okay to be racist and spread lies and hate about another country of a completely different history and culture, just because it has a Socialist system, an ideology that Americans hate.

    Danni GuoDanni GuoMåned siden
  • US as a democracy? That must be a lie. United States is so democratic that supported 75% of all dictatorships in the world.

    GuilhermeGuilhermeMåned siden
    • @THC_SMYKZ In China they do it too and you still say it's not a democracy. Actually, Chine has more representative parties than US.

      GuilhermeGuilherme29 dager siden
    • Are you denying that it's a democracy? Are you trying to say that they don't elect a president every 5 years based on votes and that they don't elect their senators

      THC_SMYKZTHC_SMYKZ29 dager siden
    • We supported them so we could kill the evil there, it was a temporary fix to fix power vaccines after we took down communist governments. Sometimes it backfired but it most of the time succeeded

      TrueExposureTrueExposureMåned siden
  • great analysis wired

    Ayaan MukherjeeAyaan MukherjeeMåned siden
  • To speak of the “soft power”, it will takes a bit of time for the rising country to establish its legitimate persuasive influence, and in this case, China has been doing it in an unique style which one day will be embraced by the world; that is: 身正不怕影子歪!Stand straight and never mind if the shadow inclines!

    John ChenJohn ChenMåned siden
  • 60 out of 100 is the score card I give to the speech.

    John ChenJohn ChenMåned siden
  • america demcracy ???? hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nuke terrorist america

    je suis Informaticienje suis InformaticienMåned siden
  • This dude is so biased towards china...yuck.

    Matthew JacksonMatthew JacksonMåned siden
  • I’m not worried. When the Chinese army were doing training exercises in southern China, their troops were so demoralized the army brought in strippers to boost their moral.

    SHades88SHades88Måned siden
  • Hey Man U know how u talked about that one thing…..well I guess it’s happening

    Vaughn ConverseVaughn ConverseMåned siden
  • Cringey, hyperpatriotic, dickriding propaganda right here.

    Jeremy UlfohnJeremy UlfohnMåned siden
  • I trust this expert rather than people in the comment

    safruddin alysafruddin alyMåned siden